Sports Talk Column

  • Gearing up for the NBA finals

    I was recently posed the question, “Heat or Celtics?” My unfortunate response was, “Eeh… umm… well, I really do not care actually.” That was after I had to think about to what the question was referring. Then I got ridiculed for calling myself a sports writer. Oops.
    And maybe it is true. What kind of sports writer doesn’t even keep up with the NBA playoffs? I have to admit, I’ve always been more of a college sports fan than pro.

  • Sports Talk: Looking for excitement? Check out Warrior Dash

    A “mud-crawling, fire-leaping, extreme run”…who thinks that description sounds fun?
    Apparently a lot of people and if you saw a picture of the Warrior Dash, you just might too. This unique competition is held in cities across the globe and is coming to the Bluegrass for the first time on June 23 at Popes Creek Ranch in Lebanon, Ky.
    A little background on this zany event…

  • Sports Talk: Celebrating women in sports

    Record-setting in the sports world never ceases and it’s common to wonder when and if it ever will.
    Then you wonder, are today’s athletes really better than those from 50 years ago, or have they been given better means to reach their achievements? 
    But the real mystery on my mind is what phenomenal female athletes were out there before their time.

  • Sports Talk: Rival fans unify in state pride

    Since I’ve already confessed my failure as a Kentuckian to have pledged loyalty to either the blue or red (and I did receive flack for that article), I suppose I have nothing to lose for throwing my two cents in about this Saturday’s Final Four show down.
    In some ways (or at least in the Bluegrass) the semifinals may be a bigger deal than the championship game itself.

  • Exploring the madness of living in the heart of ‘basketball nation’

    It’s March. Naturally, as a sports columnist, I need to weigh in on the madness that is the NCAA Division 1 basketball tournament.
    I’m a born and raised Kentuckian. My family originates from Ohio and my husband is from Indiana. It was only last Friday that it crossed my mind that perhaps March Madness doesn’t mean the same thing from one state to the next across this country; that maybe we are living in basketball central more than we even realize.

  • Sports Talk: Exercise loves company

    Getting yourself out of bed extra early on weekdays? That’s tough.
    Working out and making your body sore? That’s tough.
    Running 13.1 miles? That’s tough.
    Hanging out with friends and fun people? Hey, that’s not so bad!
    Accomplishing any of the first three above may not be easy, let alone “fun,” but it’s funny how if you’re not in it alone it all changes. Perhaps it’s the “misery loves company” thing, but I think it’s something else.

  • March Madness brings surprises to Casey teams

    We all know it’s going to happen, yet it catches us by surprise every year nonetheless: the unexpected results of March Madness.
    The “madness” of tournament time isn’t just the back-to-back-to-back play or the excitement of following your team. Much of the madness is the incredible upsets and the unexpected turn of events that even the experts don’t see coming.
    They always say that anything is possible at tournament time and our two Casey teams proved that to be true last week during the 47th District Tournament.

  • Final games special for athletes and supporters

    A final home game loss is something any senior athlete wants to avoid, so it goes without saying that last Friday’s 30-point losses to Lincoln County were tough for the four basketball seniors, as well as the other 12 students honored at the senior night game.

  • Sports Talk: Marathon fun without the dreaded mileage

    This topic would probably have gone over better had I brought it to light a few weeks ago when we were enjoying 60-degree days, but better late than never.
    Despite the snow, ice and cold if you’re on a training regimen, now is not the time to slow down. The Derby Festival Marathon is less than 12 weeks away (April 28) along with numerous 5K, 10K and other half and full marathons that populate weekends as spring and summer near.

  • Sports Talk: Making it to the next level

    “I’m want to play for the NBA.”
    “I’m going to go pro.”
    Without a thought in the world, youngsters will dream the loftiest goals, but as adults we hear such talk and just smile and say,  “Well, that’s going to be an awful lot of work.” We’ve already written it off in our minds.