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  • Sports Talk: Excited about spin bikes

    I know this comes a little early, as we still have a week of Christmas goodie indulging to partake in (and might as well carry on until New Year’s), but the new spinning bikes at Better Body Fitness Center are quite exciting — and just in time for anyone contemplating a New Year’s resolution!

  • Sports Talk: A true Rebel fan once again

    Technically the end of January will mark the end of my first year of returning as a sports correspondent with The Casey County News, but with the beginning of boys and girls basketball season, I feel like I’ve finally come full circle.
    And I couldn’t be happier about that!
    There a multiple reasons for this.
    First, while my full-time job keeps me actively writing marketing content, I have been away from my journalistic tone since my 2008 Bellarmine graduation. It’s good to be brushing up.

  • Sports Talk: NCAA should punish athletes, not team

    I’ve held out hope for the last week and a half that I would have reason to write this Sports Talk piece, and, as predicted, I was not let down.
    Regular college football season has come to an end and only two teams have maintained a crisp, clean record: Notre Dame and Ohio State. Too bad they will never get the chance to face off.

  • Sports Talk: Basketball season has finally arrived

    Well, well, well, look at that wouldcha now! The trifecta states of Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana lead the pre-season basketball rankings and are expected to be dominant forces yet again this year. Last week’s debut of games finally gave us all the taste of our teams we’ve all been waiting for and, luckily, we have no reason to doubt the rankings yet.

  • Sports Talk: Being under the lights can be perfect moment

    The term “Friday night lights” has been used for many purposes, but there truly is something mesmerizing about being the one under the lights.
    I’ve had minor experience in being on a stage — a literal stage, not the athletic, figurative stage — and have always felt that the lights that blind you from the audience are what makes performing easier than someone foreign to this type of performance might anticipate.

  • Sports Talk: Fantasy sports leagues are big part of society

    Whether you participate in any or not, fantasy sports leagues are not unheard of by any sports fan today. Following sports and fantasy leagues go hand in hand anymore — literally, in the case of smart phone users. But even if you do not participate, sports commentary and major sports networks have their hand in these leagues, making all fans aware of their existence.

  • Sports Talk: Rare for pros to spend career with one team

    By Rita "Peat" Harris

    Sports Correspondent


  • Sports Talk: Keep prayer, rest a part of training regiment

    By Rita “Peat” Harris
    Sports Correspondent

  • Harris: A look into a first-hand experience of the London Olympics

    Gui Buso was a foreign exchange student at Casey County High School during the 2002-03 school year where he participated in football, basketball and track.
    Gui, still a close friend of mine whom I visited in Brazil in 2010, is now the communication manager of the National Basketball League in Brazil, the NBB. (Think of it as Brazil’s NBA.)

  • Sports Talk: Press box is more like home than the stands

    By Rita "Peat" Harris
    Sports Correspondent

    I know I could have gotten away with not traveling to Taylor County last Friday to see the Rebel football team play; thanks to assistant coach Darren Summers, I knew I would get a detailed stat report on the game.
    But after missing the season opening game at Lincoln due to being out of town, plus knowing that the first home game was still two weeks away, I couldn’t help myself.