Sports Talk Column

  • Sports Talk 8-7-13

     I have a confession to make. What I am writing about this week is only semi-sports related, so I apologize in advance to any avid sports fans.

  • Sports Talk 7-24-13

     A new award honoring academics from the National Association of Basketball Coaches was presented last week and two of the five high-major men’s basketball programs receiving the award were the state’s two most popular institutions — the University of Louisville and University of Kentucky.

  • Casey natives create Facebook page to encourage debate for sports fans

     If you’re an area sports fan, you are likely to have a preference to either the color red or blue. No matter your level of love/hate for the Kentucky Wildcats or Louisville Cardinals, as a sports lover, you have an opinion. Recently some local fans have created a great online space for sharing these opinions on all of the latest and greatest news concerning the state’s great sports teams.

  • Summer memories that will last a lifetime

     I could not help but notice how timely it seemed that I had the opportunity to interview with former St. Louis Cardinal and Casey County graduate, Don Durham. 

  • Sports Talk 6-26-13

     Late June and July bring some of our hottest days of the year, so thinking of being outside and breaking a sweat from physical activity may not be exactly appealing to most people. A raft floating in the pool with a cold drink or a trip to the lake definitely sounds 10 times more refreshing. 

  • Enjoying America’s favorite past time

     I attended my first Major League Baseball game in two years last weekend. I have not actually been to many MLB games in my lifetime. I did, however, attend my fair share of Louisville Bats games while living in the city, but I did not even get to do that last summer. Friday evening was definitely a reminder of that special something baseball can bring to summertime.

  • Introducing a new yard game favorite — Kubb

     Reunions and outdoor picnics come with several staples — good food and enjoyable company. Hopefully there is pleasant weather and, for a definite good time, there will also be music and yard games.

  • Dedication deserves thanks for athlete and coach

     I attended three sports banquets last week, as the spring sports have now concluded. During the boys’ tennis banquet, Coach Williams was telling a story about one of his athletes taking time at different points to thank him  for help, advice, whatever the case may be.

  • Way to go, Lady Rebel softball team — 47th District runners-up

     Every athlete is always reminded that anything can happen in the post season and we have all seen it happen, but the excitement of when it does (as long as you are the underdog, that is) never gets old.

  • Walking down memory lane

     The ending of Micah Smith’s high school career brought back memories of my own “storybook ending,” as I once called it. He not only won the title but his very last high school meet saw his best performance ever.