Sports Talk Column

  • Reasons to be grateful for sports

     It’s been quite the trend on Facebook over the past couple of years to do the “30 Days of Thankfulness” during the month of November. Obviously, showing and expressing your gratitude for things at this time of year is nothing new. Our lives are blessed in so many ways it’s easy to lose track of the small things and take them for granted. 

  • Rivalries add a touch of spice to all sports

    I like rivalries. Honestly, would sports be fun without them??
    There are different kinds of rivalries. There are the ones that only last a single season or so. These typically spawn from an extremely close game in a pivotal time or some sort of upset.
    The hard feelings of the losing team usually carry over into the next meeting between the two, and sometimes further.
    Usually this type of rivalry only lasts so many games, before the incident that initiated the rivalry becomes just a memory and part of the history books for both teams.

  • SPORTS TALK: Always proud to be a Rebel sports fan

    Casey County athletics may not be a sports powerhouse recognized across the Bluegrass, but the beauty in that is the excitement we can all have over the week to week and season to season victories. Last week, three of Casey’s sports teams had those victories that continue to make me proud to be a Rebel.

  • Fall Activities Abound

    By Rita “Peat” Harris
    Sports Correspondent

    October is here. I’ve been amazed at the number of people I’ve heard and seen express their love of this month. (And I thought it was just me!)
    I think we can all feel it is officially the fall season and we can thoroughly enjoy the beautiful weather, pumpkin everything, colorful leaves … the list goes on and on.

  • Sports Talk: Help VolleyRebs Volley for a Cure

     It’s quite the week in Casey County. The football team is gearing up for the first district game while also enjoying homecoming festivities. 

    Golf teams are preparing for their regional tournament and there is no way to overlook the abundance of fun that comes with Apple Festival week. 

    But there is another big event taking place this Thursday that should not be overlooked: Volley for a Cure.

    The VolleyRebs’ annual event will take place onThursday when they host Pulaski County at 5:30 p.m. 

  • 27-13 — Was it the score you were expecting?

    Cards or Cats fan, I feel it’s okay to admit that Louisville was the favored team in this year’s Governor’s Cup, so U of L with another win was not of great surprise. 

    Unless watching with a group of devoted fans, I tend to root for the underdog in the Kentucky-Louisville meetings. 

    Part of what makes rivalries great is that no matter how favored one team is, you tend to see a good game out of it. 

    I know Louisville has potential for a great season, so in reality I did not want a loss on their record. 

  • Hey Rebel fans — turn your radio on

     Have you made it out to Rebel field for a game this season? Maybe yes, maybe no. Schedules don’t always work out with how busy we all are these days. 

    Here’s the good news, though, if you weren’t aware — you can always tune into live Rebel action, thanks to WKDO FM.

    I was extremely excited to learn that WKDO was going to be following the team to both home and away games. That gives all fans the opportunity to cheer Casey on from their homes, work or even while on the road. 

  • Sports Talk: Rebels left it all on the field

     Fall really seemed to come to life this past weekend, at least for me, despite the continued hot days. September is officially here and college football is underway. On top of that, Casey had its first home football game and nothing makes me happier than seeing the crowd of columbia blue and red in the stands and along the fence line of our home field. Well, I guess a win to go with it would have made me happier.

  • Let's congratulate Casey County's Iron Women

     A few weeks ago a group of ladies in the area competed in a half iron-man competition but this past Sunday, two took the “go big or go home” motto to heart and are now among the elite Iron Man finishers.

    Dr. Erica Montgomery Turner and Nell Tarter Duggins made a complete day of it in the swim, bike and run competition. 

  • HARRIS: Sports Talk

     Sports are great in all forms and fashion but a live sporting event definitely has one up on a game on TV or the radio, especially when it comes to college or professional events. 

    I don’t go to a lot of these events. I did get to go to a Reds game this past summer and last fall I attended a UofL football game. I haven’t been to a basketball game in awhile. I suppose a Bellarmine homecoming game a couple of years ago and a UK game several years back were the most recent.