Sports Talk Column

  • Special memories: Not just any other day

    Memory is a funny thing.  Ask me what day it is and there is a pretty good chance I won’t know or I’ll give you the wrong answer.  If you give me a specific date, with a little mental calculation, I might be able to tell you what was going on in my life or the world in general around that time.  But if you give me a specific event of significance, then suddenly my recollections are a touch clearer.
    When it comes to sports, there are a few occasions that come to my mind right away even though they took place more than a decade or two ago.  

  • Enjoying the ESPY fan-voted awards

    I tend to forget about them, but I thoroughly enjoy tuning into the ESPY awards, ESPN’s fan-voted awards ceremony. Thank goodness my husband always remembers to turn them on otherwise I would have missed them again this year.

  • Lebron’s Cleveland essay shows character, impact on sport

    If you haven’t read Lebron James’s essay then you need to.
    Just two days before his decision to head home to Cleveland was announced out, my husband walked away from ESPN shaking his head saying, “I hate the way he does this. Lebron makes such a big show about where he’s going to play and draws it out... Why’s it got to be like that? This is basketball. Why’s he so dramatic?”
    Two days later the way he viewed Lebron James changed and I think it did for a lot of people. It did for me.

  • The boys of summer

    Don’t look now, but summer is quickly passing us by.  I know it seems like school just let out, but as a parent, full time student, and the husband of a teacher, I can already feel the change in the air.  If you don’t want to take my word for it just check your local listings, and you’ll find that the Major League Baseball All-Star break is less than a week away.
    As this issue is going to press I’ll be making my way into the upper decks of Great American Ball Park to watch the Cincinnati Redlegs take on my old hometown Chicago Cubs.  

  • LeBron or Michael??

    I do not personally follow the NBA too closely, but I have enough friends who do that I get the highlights along the way.
    A byproduct of that is the LeBron James vs. Michael Jordan debate that only escalates as Le-Bron’s career climbs. It’s a constant question of comparison between the two superstars.

  • Summer sports all about fun

    You know that summer is here when youth sports are taking off.
    Not only did I enjoy snapping photos at this year’s youth basketball camp hosted by the Rebel and Lady Rebel basketball teams, but I also saw some top-quality tee-ball action this weekend visiting my 4-year-old nephew.
    Having just had our first child eight months ago, my husband and I have yet to experience youth sports in our adult age, and let me tell you. What fun it was!
    A perfect day for baseball, these kiddos were having a blast... or were they?

  • We say soccer, they say football, try it anyway

    I know we’re a basketball-centric state and county, but guess what the rest of the sports world is getting pumped about right now--and I mean WORLD--THE WORLD CUP.

  • Sports Talk: Competing in half marathon defines athleticism

    There are many ways to define an athlete and there are many types of athletes when you think of them in terms of sports, but at the heart of it, what is an athlete? I learned my own lesson this past weekend when I participated in the Run The Bluegrass event in Lexington.

    The fairly new half marathon event is a celebration of spring in Kentucky and my sister is the assistant race director so my husband and I decided this year we would partake in the event by simply doing the seven mile run they offer. 

  • Sports Talk: Cats vs. Cards, who is bound for the Elite Eight?

    Back on New Year’s Day I pondered over who the year 2014 would belong to when it came to this state’s great college rivalry. I think this Friday beginning at 9:45 p.m. will be the determining factor.

    For the second time in three years the Kentucky Wildcats and Louisville Cardinals will square off on the ultimate stage: the NCAA Division-I basketball tournament. While this time it may “only” be in the Sweet 16, as opposed to the Final Four in 2012, I think Cats and Cards fans will agree that victory claimed will be just as sweet.

  • What a great basketball season and it ain't over yet

    The last two weeks of CCHS basketball action has been a real treat and I am sorry to all of you Rebel and Lady Rebel fans who failed to make it to any games--especially since they’ve all been at our home gym, which was kind of the icing on the cake.