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    Before I begin, let me give a little background into the Britt McHenry situation that has taken center-stage in the sports world and on social media. Basically, the ESPN reporter had to go get her vehicle from a tow yard, and Was. Not. Happy. About. It. McHenry then began to rip the lady at the counter, and it was caught on camera.
    There were comments about how she was  gin the news, h and there was a  gdo you know who I am h line and even a  “lose some weight baby girl.”

  • A repectful hate is still hate, I promise

    By Quincy Burt
    Sports Correspondent

    Okay, don’t hate me, but credit is due where it is due, and that guy heading up the Duke basketball program is pretty good at his job.
    I hate him, respectfully, but wow – have you ever thought about taking away the fact that he-who-shall-not-be-named coaches at Duke? Really, take a gander at what he has done since being named the head coach over there in 1981.

  • Not perfect, just undefeated

    By Quincy Burt
    Sports Correspondent

    Pursuit of perfection. Can the Cats stay perfect? Cal’s Cats are purr-fect! The media is loving putting all this pressure on a bunch of 18 and 19-year old kids, but we all heard how Coach Cal put it this past week, “We’re undefeated, not perfect.”
    Yes, they have answered the bell – every time. There have been some close calls, and even Calipari talked about how they should have lost several games. But, not these Cats, not this team – yet.

  • 499 and waiting...

    By Quincy Burt
    Sports Correspondent

    A lot of the time, coaches get all of the blame and none of the credit, but the Lindsey Wilson women’s basketball program knows where a lion’s share of the credit belongs.
    For 26 seasons, Casey County native John Wethington has been at the reins for the Lady Blue Raiders.
    Wethington has accomplished much — 10 NAIA National Tournament appearances, 14 20-win seasons, and five Conference Coach of the Year awards.

  • Murray State not in? NO WAY!!

    Quincy Burt
    Sports Correspondent

    Not to put too fine a point on it, but Murray State got swindled!
     The selection committee left the Racers out of the “new-and-improved,” 68-team field for some ungodly reason.
    I thought this is why the mighty NCAA went to this format. I thought it was to give good teams from mid-major conferences a shot, not to give mediocre, major conference teams more than they deserve.

  • Final swan song as a sports writer brings thanks to coaches

    I love sports.
    I love to write.
    I love Casey County.
    Unfortunately, my time writing sports for The Casey County News must come to a close for now.
    The sentimental attachment to the sports programs of this county made it a hard decision, but it’s a necessary choice for what the programs deserve and what my time is currently allowing.

  • Some decisions make themselves

    There is one question that I can be sure to hear every school year.  I might not get asked directly but without fail it will make its way to me.  Sometimes it’ll be from a parent, other times from a coach; I think I’ve even heard it discussed between athletes.  But it always rears its head in the first few months of school.
    When is “So-n-So”, “What’s Her Face”, or “Our Sport” going to be Rebel of the Week?

  • Casey win renews rivalry

    Last Friday night was a special one in the Rebel pride tradition and it’s not just because Casey defeated the Russell County Lakers, but because of the way it happened and the fact it kept a long-standing rivalry tradition thriving.
    Casey has now defeated Russell County three times in the history of the program. I suppose my passion and excitement behind this year’s win has to do with the success I saw during my high school days. In fact, it is only thanks to a great high school football experience that I came to even like football.

  • Bring on the fall season and football

    Some of this recent weather is screaming FALL, am I right?? OK, so there still have been the hot and humid days, but some of those 70-degree days were amazing! And the cool nights that made you pull on a sweater? It made me wish I was looking down on the football field lit in the field lights.

  • Special memories: Not just any other day

    Memory is a funny thing.  Ask me what day it is and there is a pretty good chance I won’t know or I’ll give you the wrong answer.  If you give me a specific date, with a little mental calculation, I might be able to tell you what was going on in my life or the world in general around that time.  But if you give me a specific event of significance, then suddenly my recollections are a touch clearer.
    When it comes to sports, there are a few occasions that come to my mind right away even though they took place more than a decade or two ago.