• If you were to insist that what makes the Bible a special book is not its outward appearance ― whether it’s bound in leather or cloth, colored bright pink or plain brown ― but what’s inside it ― its message, meaning, and purpose, I would heartily agree.

    But then again, the very presence of the Good Book can not only speak to the soul, it can even save a life. 

  • Let me tell you about my friend, Ophelia. That’s not her real name because she told me she would cause me to have a slow and very painful death if I ever used her real name. That woman is a hoot!

    Ophelia is married to a man we’ll call Sylvester. He, too, is a real hoot. Both of them have wacky senses of humor although Sylvester’s is a bit quieter than Ophelia’s but he can pull some real zingers.

  • Last Thursday, March 20 was the first official day of spring and with some time, maybe the weather will follow suit with the calendar. 

    However, with college basketball taking over the nation with all the buzz about rankings and brackets, spring is feeling pretty good right about now.

    Speaking of basketball, I’ve been told all season to wait until March and see what UK can do– well it’s finally here.

    I quite enjoyed the Wildcats falling to the Gators in the SEC tournament losing by a heartbreaking one point, 61-60.

  •  Every now and then I find myself with plenty to do, but lacking in motivation to get anything accomplished. 

    If I find myself near a computer (many of you can pull video up on your phone) I’ll take about five minutes and watch a video, just for a quick distraction. 

    I have recently come across a video collection posted on the Toronto Zoo’s Web page that has documented the life of their new polar bear cub born last November.

  •  Richie Farmer, the fallen and disgraced two-term former Kentucky Commissioner of Agriculture, has raised another ruckus, but this time concerning his jail sentence.

    Farmer pleaded guilty in September to using state resources for his personal benefit, including having employees chauffeur his dog on state time, among others.

    In January, a judge sentenced Farmer to 27 months in prison and also ordered him to pay $120,500 in restitution, with $105,500 going to the state and $15,000 going to the Kentucky Department of Agriculture.

  •  With his gray hair, radiant smile, erect posture, suit coat and dress tie, he could have passed as an emissary sent by an official to deliver an important message.  I guessed he had something to say to me, something urgent it seemed. After briefly introducing himself, he quickly got to the point.

    “You know what you are?” 

    I had a feeling I was about to find out.

  •  On Saturday in neighboring Lincoln County a crowd gathered inside the garage of the Stanford Fire Department. Some lined up to get their heads shaved and others to offer donations, all for the sole purpose of supporting a co-worker, a neighbor, and a friend. 

  •  We have had a miserable and long winter. There are signs, however, that spring is on its way. I have been waiting for way too long for those signs.

    The frogs (Pseudacris crucifer — also known as spring peepers) are finally singing. They are a little late this year, probably due to the hateful cold weather we’ve had this winter.

  •  It seems that the media has picked up an interesting story about a Baptist church in western Kentucky that hosted a sportsmen’s banquet this past weekend. 

    What’s unusual about this particular banquet is a raffle where rifles and shotguns were given away to some lucky attendees. 

    However, we Baptists don’t believe in luck but I’m a little hesitant to proclaim that the winners won by divine providence. Even so, I won the Clementsville Volunteer Fire Department rifle at the 2012 Apple Festival.

  • It’s too bad we don’t know the person’s name who said it, for there is much truth in the statement: “What man does not understand, he fears; and what he fears, he tends to destroy.”

    Michael Dunn claimed fear was the reason he shot to death the young black man, Jordan Davis at a Jacksonville, Fla., gas station in an argument over loud music. Did Davis point a gun at Dunn, as he alleged? No gun was ever found.

  • The question of the week has to be, “Can a judge, one person who fancies himself an expert on constitutional law, overturn and negate the will of more than 1 million voters in Kentucky who passed a law?”

    That’s exactly what’s unfolding here in Kentucky with U.S. District Judge John Heyburn and his recent ruling that parts of Kentucky’s 2004 marriage amendment is unconstitutional and therefore gay and lesbian couples marriages in other states are legal here.

  • Three charged with DUI

    — Cornelio Utrerai, 44, of West Loudon Avenue, Lexington, was arrested on Feb. 25 on North U.S. 127 by Deputy Jamie Walters and charged with first offense DUI and no operator’s license. Court documents state that Utrerai was involved in a two vehicle accident where he dropped off the roadway and hit a parked car.

  •  For anybody that may have been hiding under a rock for the past week, the Winter Olympics which were held in Sochi, Russia, are finally over. How many people watched, I don’t have a clue. I fit in somewhere between “didn’t care at all” and a “slight interest.”

    Mainly, I checked the medal counts between countries and paid attention to the hockey match ups, but beyond that, I didn’t care. I didn’t watch a single event.

  •  Only two more days and we will be rid of February, the nasty month, the seemingly longest month of any year. I have had 70 Februaries in my life and I believe this one has been the worst. I would not want to live in Florida year around but I believe I could live there for the month of February.

    I didn’t keep count but how many days of single-digit temperatures did we have? How many days did the wind chill give us “feel like” temperatures below zero? Frankly, too danged many! Even one day would have been too many.

  • I tried. I really tried but it just ain’t happening between me and the wildly popular TV show “The Walking Dead.”

    TV Guide reported that TWD show finished 10th in the top 25 programs with 14.3 million viewers weekly during the 2012-13 TV season.

    For the uninitiated, zombies, or dead people, walk around in towns, fields, and other places and make horrible noises all the while trying to bite the few normal people who aren’t zombies.

  •  I took my younger brothers to the theater to see The LEGO Movie and I was initially surprised when the tickets were sold out for the 7 p.m. showing, but we hung around for the later time. After all, it was the first day the movie had been released.

    After watching the film, I can understand why the tickets were selling out. In a word, the movie is awesome! 

  •  It’s difficult for many younger folks to not remember having the Internet and search engines like Google.

    However, for anyone over the age of 55, we can remember the day when almanacs served up good tidbits of advice.

    My friend John McQueary, the director of the recycle center in Casey County, gets all kind of books destined for the recycle bin.

  • By David B. Whitlock 

     “Let’s not get anything for each other this Valentine’s,” Lori announced to me.  “We don’t have time to look, and besides, we need to save the money.”

    But how do I know she means it? 

  •  U.S. District Judge Henry E. Autrey handed down a decision saying that it’s okay to flash– your headlights that is.

    Judge Autrey of Missouri said that penalizing drivers for flashing their headlights to warn oncoming motorists of speed traps is a violation of their First Amendment rights. 

  •  Well, it’s a month into the new year. How many resolutions have you broken? I haven’t broken a single one. There’s a reason for that — I never made any!

    I never vowed to lose weight. Yes, I need to but it’s just a battle I’m not likely to win. I have no will power and I like to eat. I say those are insurmountable obstacles. Good excuse, yes?