• 10 Years Ago

    Week of Nov. 29, 2007

    The Christmas season was ushered into Liberty Friday night as “A Children’s Christmas” was expected to draw a crowd in to view the light Christmas parade and all the trimmings that go with a holiday celebration.

    The 2007 holiday shopping season in Liberty experienced a strong start the prior week, local retailers said.

  • By Gloria Yoder

    As I write this I am holding our dear foster son, Jesse, who is just over a month old.

    Only this time I am not in the comfort of our rocker in our living room. Instead, I’m in the hospital with this handsome little boy who unfortunately has respiratory syncytial virus (RSV).

  • Wednesday, Nov. 29: Pork tenderloin, whole potatoes, carrots, bread, milk

    Thursday, Nov. 30: Roast beef, mashed potatoes, mixed veggies, bread, milk

  • 10 YEARS AGO

    Week of Nov. 14, 2007

    Bottled water was going off the shelves in Liberty’s stores at a faster pace than usual. That’s because many people didn’t like what is coming out of their taps these days.

    While the Federal Aviation Administration in Atlanta did not have a record of the Casey County Hospital district applying for a helipad to be a part of the new facility, the Memphis office does.

  • Wednesday, Nov. 15: Sloppy joe, tater tots, green beans, bread, milk

    Thursday, Nov. 16: Pinto beans, greens, stewed tomatoes, cornbread, milk

    Friday, Nov. 17: Baked ranch chicken, mixed veggies, baked potatoes, bread, milk

    Monday, Nov. 20: Refried beans, ground chuck, corn tortilla, Mexican corn, lettuce and tomato, milk

    Tuesday, Nov. 21: Potato soup, potatoes, carrots, ham, bread, milk

  • By David Stone

    Time is a precious commodity for the workers extending electrical service to a small island in the Green River in downtown Liberty.

    There’s a deadline looming to complete the project so an annual holiday light show can go on as scheduled. Then there’s the matter of taking time from the busy schedule to teach younger members of the work crew the skills necessary to do the job right.

  • The Haggard sisters recently visited their aunt Etwell Floyd, 93, center, who lives in Danville. The sisters are Louise Haggard Day, of Stanford; Phyllis Haggard Fights, of Guntersville, Ala.; and Lou Davis, of Dunville. (Photo submitted)

  • Beverly Stanley, of Bethelridge, gets back in Duke’s good graces as the two share a copy of the Casey County News during a stop in Milton, Kansas. Duke, also known as Chucky, bucked Stanley off earlier. (Photo submitted)

  • Jan, left, and Roxie Covington recently vacationed in Kauai, Hawaii, and took along a copy of the Casey County News. (Photo submitted)

  • 10 Years Ago
    Week of Oct. 31, 2007

    A student at Casey County High School has tested positive for a staph infection, but it is not the MRSA strain, which is especially dangerous.

    Voters in Casey County and across the state will have the privilege of casting their ballots on Tuesday (Nov. 6) for candidates vying for top state offices.

  • By Gloria Yoder

    It happened.

    It seems unreal. The call came yesterday noon. I was at a friend’s house helping her with some deep cleaning when I got the message that my husband wanted me to call him at work. A couple of minutes later my brain could barely register what I was hearing at the other end of the line: excitement, uncertainty and plenty of questions all rushed over me at once.

    After months of training and paperwork we had our foster license. Now we’re told that they are looking for a home for two little children.

  • 10 Years Ago

    Week of Oct. 24, 2007

    Rain-slickened roads are being blamed for a Monday afternoon accident that claimed the life of a Somerset man.

    Along with students and teachers across the nation, Casey County schools are celebrating drug abuse awareness through Red Ribbon Week with rallies, contests and guest speakers, school officials say.

    Plans are proceeding to transform three former elementary school buildings into different facilities across the county.

  • By Gloria Yoder

    Apple season is still upon us. Not only are apples in season in the local orchards but also in our kitchen. To my way of thinking, there are endless possibilities when it comes to apples. Then you also have so many options of what types of apples you’ll be using for eating fresh, making applesauce or baking.

  • Wednesday, Oct. 25: turkey, mashed potatoes with gravy, peas, bread, milk.

    Thursday, Oct. 26: pot roast, broccoli, and cheese, mixed vegetables, bread, milk.

    Friday, Oct. 27: meatballs, baked potato, tossed salad, sub, milk.

    Monday, Oct. 30: beef patty, cole slaw, corn, bun, cheese slice, milk.

    Tuesday, Oct. 31: pinto beans, stewed tomatoes, greens corn bread, milk. 

  • By Jeneen Wiche
    Casey County News columnist

  • Apostolic Lighthouse

    Sunday morning Bro. Eric Miller started with “Be Strong In The Lord” from Judges 16:6, 20-21. Bro. Danny Warren’s message was “The God of Mercy” from Micah 7:18-20. Attendance was 21. Bro. Eric started Sunday night with “I Am What I Am by the Grace of God” from 1 Corinthians 15:10-11. Bro. Danny’s message was “What’s In Your Boat” from Mark 4:38. Attendance was 26.

  • 10 years ago

    Week of Oct. 10, 2007

    Phillips Elementary School on Ky. 70 West sold Oct. 1 to Danny and Debbie Buis. Superintendent Linda Hatter said the couple paid $175,000 for the former school building that was home to thousands of students for nearly 50 years.

  • By Gloria Yoder

    How can one put so many feelings into words? My heart filled with joy as I watched my “baby” brother, now 22, join hands with the beautiful bride by his side. After a nine-month period of dating; that is, spending time together on Sunday afternoons with hands off courtship, they stood in front of the Bishop’s exchange vows. These vows of loving, cherishing and caring for one another will remain the same until death parts them.