Today's Opinions

  • Letter: Disaster prevention, not preparation, plan

    In response to the Feb. 4 issue of The Casey County News, I would like to share this thought on the subject. Instead of a disaster preparation plan, let us be thinking of a disaster prevention plan. If we could avoid the downed lines, we’d not have so much to worry about after the fact.

    Ideally, buried utility lines would keep them from becoming broken due to ice build up. However, most of us would not be overly anxious to deal with that expense.

  • Letter: Blessed to have great library, staff

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I enjoy the Oscars. It’s a great way to remember the wonderful movies of the past year, plus I get to enjoy seeing such beautiful gowns and great talent. 

  • Letter: Support highway named for veterans

    The American Legion Post 78, serving the people of Casey and surrounding counties, are veterans and the backbone of this great nation. That is why a name like the Veterans Memorial Highway stands out on the new road off 127 South. I ask of you, please contact your elected officials and give this your support.

    The American Legion meets in regular session each third Tuesday of the month at 7 p.m. at the Casey County Library. We will be taking nominations for officers at the March 17 meeting.

  • Carman: We're proud of our team(s)

    It’s been said that everyone loves a winner, and that’s certainly evident by the overwhelming response we’ve received to our promotion congratulating the Rebels and Lady Rebels on advancing to the 12th Region Tournament. (See pages 8, 9 and 10.)

    But, whether these young men or women win basketball games or not, they’re still winners in our book.

    The Lady Rebels have been on a roll the last few years, and we’ve come to expect big things from these girls. They haven’t disappointed either.

  • Rowell: Living high on the hog at what cost?

    Economists agree — banks have too much debt and we, dear Americans, also have too much individual debt.

    In 2008, 25 banks failed in the United States. In just two months this year, 16 banks have failed.

    I heard on National Public Radio last week that Americans now owe $13 trillion on mortgages and credit cards and that’s as much as the country’s GDP, or Gross Domestic Product.

    The GDP is a measurement of the output of goods and services in the country — a picture of the total U.S. economy.

  • Letter: If jobs aren't here, then any fix is temporary

    Thirty years ago Local 36 was writing articles in their newspaper trying to tell everyone to buy only USA made products. No one listened then, and probably still are not now. We tried to tell everyone, if you keep drawing water out of a well and it’s not raining, then it’s going to dry up. That’s what we have come to.

  • Guest Editorial: Documentary begs for action

    The ABC documentary, “A Hidden America: Children of the Mountains,” and its short follow-up stirred a lot of talk in Central Appalachia this month. But what action will ensue? That is the question the people of the region, and their journalists, need to answer.

  • Behavior at LCCA office is shocking

    I am writing in regards to some very shocking and disturbing behavior I witnessed recently.

    I went to Lake Cumberland Community Action, here in Liberty, to receive assistance with heating. There were a lot of people there trying to get the same help. Pat Sharp and her assistants were working very hard, trying to get everyone through. They even worked through their lunch hour. However, a few of the people waiting to be seen were very, very rude! They were making fun of the workers, cursing, complaining and just being downright disrespectful.