Today's Opinions

  • Rowell: Family farms are worth saving

    With all the election-year hype about deficits, spending and cutting the federal budget, there’s one budget item that I believe not only doesn’t need to be cut, but strengthened. And that has to do with farm subsidies and programs.
    I don’t think anyone will argue that those struggling to keep the family farm afloat are in trouble.

  • Cole: Loved my first Apple Festival

    I’m happy to report that my first Casey County Apple Festival went well.
    You may have seen me running around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to get to events on time, but I enjoyed my time at the apple festival this year.

  • Rowell: Posters on Topix.com beware

    Since I am a news junkie who’s constantly checking the Internet, newspapers, and TV for news, I paid particular attention to an item that I picked up from the Kentucky News Press Service.
    The KNPS is a compilation of selected articles from newspapers around Kentucky that are members of the service.
    An article in the Winchester Sun details a lawsuit filed against nine people who allegedly posted defamatory remarks on the Topix.com Web site about a woman’s son who died in an accident.

  • Wells: Gone nuts over beans

    If I run into Connie Rousey Cundiff, I’m going to smack her into the next county. She has simply done me in and I’m going after her.
    Before I tell you what she did, I need to let you know I love green beans. Fresh green beans, that is. I wouldn’t give you ten cents for all the canned and frozen green beans in the world.
    They don’t taste good to me. All home-canned green beans have a funky taste that is so unpleasant. About all they’re good for is putting in soup.

  • Cole: Looking forward to Apple Festival

    The week of festivities has finally arrived.
    I’ve been anticipating the Casey County Apple Festival since the first day I was hired as a staff writer for The Casey County News.
    Even during the interview process, the festival came up and it’s continued to be mentioned in the news office at least once every other day.
    Now it’s finally here  — my first Apple Festival.

  • Rowell: Vet projects are important

    It always does a body good to see someone who’s totally dedicated to helping those who are struggling with life’s issues.
    In that vein, Delton Coppage and The American Flag Patriots come to mind.
    If you read the story in today’s edition about Delton making a CD of patriotic songs and selling it to use the proceeds to help wounded vets, it gives you a sense about how passionate he is in wanting to help wounded veterans.

  • Editorial: Dead animal disposal good for county

    A persistent problem in Casey County is the disposal of more than an estimated 1,200 head of livestock that die every year and have to be disposed of properly.
    Most farmers either dragged the carcass to the back 40 for the buzzards to clean up or they buried it.
    Thing is, neither one of these is very advantageous for the environment as fluids from the dead animal can leach into ground water and buzzard droppings pose a health issue.

  • Resident waiting for road repairs on Watson Chapel

    Be careful if you come on Watson Chapel Road. If you meet someone and move over, we have drop-offs. Oh, I forgot, we also have holes.
    We pay our taxes. What do we have to do for a better road? I was told twice our road would be fixed in July.
    The residents of Watson Chapel Road are still waiting.

    Carol Spears