Today's Opinions

  • Whitlock: Unanswered questions in theater shootings

    By David B. Whitlock
    Guest Columnist
    It’s the first question I asked, and likely the one you first asked too.
    It still echoes from theater number nine in the Century 16 Theater in Aurora, Colo., where 12 people were murdered and 58 injured.
    And it’s the one question we will never completely know.

  • Rowell: Give the governor a break on this one

    This is the season for political pundits of every stripe and persuasion to trot out an opinion about all things politic.
    The race for president is heating up and the mud-slinging has already begun. President Obama states this while former Gov. Mitt Romney denies that. And on and on and on.
    I was hoping we’d get a reprieve from the political ads here in Kentucky because we’re not one of the important swing states such as Ohio.

  • Wells: What boil water advisory?

    Wednesday afternoon and there I sat – fat, dumb, and happy. Happy, that is, until I opened my Casey News and found out there had been a boil-water advisory for almost 48 hours for areas of the county that included mine. NOT happy! That’s what I was.

  • Stealing flags is disrespectful to veterans

    The veterans and Ladies Auxiliary are writing this letter in regards to flags being stolen from the VFW Post 5704 on Ky. 70 West. The American flag and state flag were taken on Monday, July 9.
    It is very hurtful and aggravating that someone could disrespect the veterans who have fought for the freedom we have today. Removing the flags brings a great deal of sorrow to us that someonecould do this and not appreciate what our veterans have done for them and our country.

  • Cole: Need to keep southern hospitality

    By Amanda Cole
    Staff Writer

    One of the things I love about living in the country is the friendly atmosphere. It’s not out of the ordinary to start up a conversation with someone you don’t know while shopping at the grocery store or for a stranger to wave and smile as you drive by their house.
    Unfortunately, there are those who take advantage of that southern hospitality and may soon make it a thing of the past.

  • Cole: Birthday celebration brings back childhood memories

    By Amanda Cole
    Staff Writer
    Why is it that we enjoy doing activities from our childhood?
    Two weeks ago we celebrated my husband’s 25th birthday. I bought him a cake and his favorite flavor of ice cream - Superman.
    While we enjoyed a scoop of ice cream after cake, he said he didn’t know why he liked it so much, whether it was because of the flavor or the memories it brought back of his childhood.
    Superman ice cream always makes him think of the first time he had it with his late father at an old ice cream parlor in Jamestown.

  • Whitlock: When it comes to marriage, religion matters

    By David B. Whitlock
    Guest Columnist
    It’s wedding season; May through August are the most popular months for marriage ceremonies. While planning a wedding, depending on the elaborateness of the ceremony and number of guests attending can involve months of preparation, thriving in a marriage is a lifelong project, filled with challenges. Somebody said in marriage there are three rings:  engagement ring, wedding ring, and suffering.

  • Editorial: Jail canteen needs more oversight

    Liberty Mayor Steve Sweeney likes to say that living in Casey County is like living in Eden. And with good reason.
    The county boasts a stellar school district, first-class hospital, dedicated law enforcement officers and fire fighters, beautiful scenery, neighborly, hard-working people, and a quality place to raise a family.
    We certainly add to that list the Central Kentucky AG/EXPO Center, the judicial center and the detention center.