• State drug legislation could hurt the poor

    In response to “Steps must be taken now to win war on drugs” (Jan. 4 issue), legislation on a state level will not accomplish the desired goal. The big drug companies are right with their propaganda. It will hurt the poor people by forcing them to go to a doctor in order to receive a prescription. Those who want to get ephedrine for the purpose of manufacturing methamphetamine will simply go across state lines or purchase the drug through the Internet.

  • School board members deserve recognition

    As Superintendent of Casey County Schools, I’m extremely proud of the students and teachers, the administrators and the service workers who are the heart and soul of the Casey County School System. And I’m also proud of the district leadership this community has put in place through the members of the Casey County Board of Education.

  • Shame on churches who close on Christmas

    I have a problem with the churches today who proclaim to be of Christ and serve Christ. Why, you ask, let’s look just a minute at a couple of things:
    First, the churches of today uphold the Sabbath, the Lord’s Day, as Sunday, but when Christmas falls on a Sunday, the churches seems to forget all of a sudden and want to shut down services. They preach over and over “Jesus is the reason for the season” and then they close the doors. Without Christ in Christmas you wouldn’t have anything but “mas.”

  • Toys for Kids sends thanks

    We have come to the end of another successful Casey County Community Ministries Toys for Kids campaign.
    Santa handed out wrapped gifts to 253 families (including 544 children). They also picked out stocking stuffers and bags of candy and had their picture made with Santa.
    This program could not be accomplished without the continued support of donations and time from many individuals, businesses, churches, community and civic organizations.
    We offer our sincere thank you for your generosity.

    Toys for Kids Committee

  • Spay and neuter clinic a future possibility

    For the past six months I have been working to organize a once-a-month low cost spay and neuter clinic in Casey County. It looks as if this might become a reality in March.
    There are a lot of needs in our county at this time, but I know in my heart that this is essential and can help our county in some small way.
    The animal cruelty article in The Casey County News last week was very disturbing. I am hopeful that someone will take the initiative to investigate.
    Linda Clark

  • Bets Rowell is a Democrat

    Mr. Rowell, I have never seen your voting record, nor do I wish to. But from your writing (Dec. 14 issue) I would bet $30 against a three-legged bullfrog you are a Democrat.
    You have spoken of Mitch McConnell a number of times and always in a negative way. I do not care how much money he has nor should you. You say you would never question McConnell’s integrity. I do, however, question yours. I believe you are trying to influence your readers to vote your way, Democratic. This is biased writing and it is not your job to tell your readers how to vote.

  • Thanks to Liberty Elementary staff, students

    On Dec. 5, I had the privilege of speaking before the fourth and fifth grades of Liberty Elementary. First, I would like to graciously thank Mrs. Tammy Spears for her invitation and to include in that thanks the principal and his staff for making me feel most welcome.

  • CCHS Science Dept. sends thanks

    The Casey County High School science department would like to thank the Casey County Bank and the Casey County Hospital for donating their used ink cartridges for our recycling program. The used ink cartridges are packed and sent to “Cartridges for Kids,” a non-profit recycling organization. The CCHS science department then receives money for the cartridges, which is used to buy lab supplies and activities for the science classes.

  • Giving opens the door to God’s blessings

    I agree with Mr. Thompson on all points (letter to the editor, Nov. 16).
    The Bible doesn’t speak of tithing after Jesus went to the cross, but speaks of giving instead. I believe when we give we open the door to God’s blessings.
    The Bible tells us we are to support the church in I Corinthians, chapter 9. I Corinithians 9:14, “Even so has the Lord ordained that they which preach the gospel should live of the gospel.”

  • Disappointment in elected officials

    I am greatly disappointed by our elected officials in Washington and their inaction on balancing the budget. So today I sent both of our senators the following message, hoping to get them started.
    Suggestion for cutting costs:
    Foreign Aid: Examine: Cut.
    Congressional pay, pensions and housekeeping allowances: Examine: Cut.
    White House budget: Examine: Cut.
    U.S. Federal Transportation: Examine how many limousines and aircraft are owned by the U.S. government: Examine: Cut very deeply.