• CCHS Class of 2007 reunion announcement

    The Casey County High School Class of 2007 will be celebrating its five-year reunion on July 21 at 6 p.m. at the Mallard’s Restaurant.

    For more information contact Seth at 606-706-9305 or email caseycounty2007@live.com. We are collecting mailing addresses at this time for use in the future. If you are on Facebook, the event can be found by searching: Casey County High School Class of ‘07 Reunion.

  • Urges county to fix Upper Brush Creek Road

    At approximately 5850 Upper Brush Creek, there is a hump in the road that completely blinds you. At least one car or truck runs off the road weekly. The ditches are so deep it will destroy your car.
    They need to tile the ditches and widen the road there or take out the hump to make it safe. I was run off the road this week. I believe everyone who lives on Upper Brush Creek has been run off the road there.
    I have seen numerous wrecks (cars and trucks) and two motorcycle wrecks. The neighbor on the right had his tree taken out by a car being run off the road.

  • Jail system rules in place for a reason

    In response to the letter, “Changes are needed in jail system,” which was in The Casey County News on March 21:
    It is correct in saying that we cannot all agree on the point of how the jail is run in our county. We elect our jailer to run that jail and expect him to run it as set forth by rules and regulations mandated by the state. You can change the person that runs the jail with your vote. But you cannot change the way the jail must be run.

  • Local hospital deserves recognition

    I am writing this letter to all of us in Casey County. We sometimes need to be reminded of how important our hospital here is to us and our families.

  • Changes are needed in jail system

    I know we can’t all agree on the law and incarceration of people who break the law. We hear so many people who don’t approve of how our jail is being run. It seems to me that we should concentrate on getting them pointed in the right direction before they break the law again and end up going to prison.

  • Recycling should be more widespread

    I don’t live in Casey County but spend some significant time (or try to) supporting and promoting its fine agriculture and local products through “GROW Casey County” on the Internet. We also do most of our business and shopping in Casey County, even though we live in Pulaski County.

  • Has demand for medicines exceeded supply?

    In the news lately we have seen stories of shortages of certain types of medicines. Most generally the reason given is production problems. But no one seems to question what those production problems are.
    Has demand exceeded supply? This would indicate a failure of the pharmaceutical companies to forecast the future need of a particular medicine.
    If the problem is production capacity, the answer would probably be to hire more workers and/or build more facilities.

  • Recession could make America stronger

    As a child we were taught that any child born in America could strive for the office of president if they so desired. But today it seems like it is a millionaire’s playground. Who is the last person that we voted into office that was not wealthy?
    Now we have the super PAC (Political Action Committees) that allow the very rich to spend millions of dollars to support their favorite candidates. Now I don’t know how you folks feel, but if I’m going to spend big money to support a candidate then I would expect something in return.

  • Park should stay at entrance to Liberty

    Watching my son, Shannon, play on the rock wall and running up and down the steps is one of my favorite memories of the roadside park.
    I am so proud of my family for being a part of the rock wall because it is one of the beautiful walls that my daddy, Bobby Patton, and my uncles, Benny Patton and Melvin Emerson, laid up.
    I hope the park will get to stay at the entrance to Liberty and many more people will enjoy the rock wall at the park like I did for years to come.

  • Efforts under way for historical marker

    Efforts are underway to erect a historical marker in Adair County to mark the location of the Civil War Camp Boyle and the formation of the 13th Kentucky Cavalry. This effort is being spearheaded by Chris Bennett of Columbia and donations are currently being received.