• Letters: Feb. 13

    Committee needed to redo fire districts
    I read Larry Rowell’s column about volunteer firemen, which brought back a “been there, done that” moment. He’s so right about all the out-of-pocket time and money these men and women unselfishly give. Having been injured as a volunteer firefighter, I can confirm the dangers to which he referred. Chances are the only gratitude one gets for a job well done comes from one’s peers. I saved two drowning victims with CPR and didn’t get so much as a thank you.

  • Letters: Feb. 6

    No more laws needed ‘to get folks sued’
    After reading Amanda Cole’s column on Jan. 23, “Are Dogs a Priceless Possession?” I agree this would be a bad law if passed. Being 80 years old and having a bum knee, I watch a lot of TV and there isn’t a day goes by that I don’t see lawyers on TV telling folks we need to sue someone. Therefore, I don’t believe we need to be passing more laws to get folks sued.

  • Letter: Wonderful experience had at restaurant

    Wonderful experience had at restaurant
    We recently had a wonderful experience when we stopped to have lunch at Seven Sisters on Wallace Wilkinson Boulevard in Liberty. It was extremely clean, the food was excellent, and the service was outstandingly friendly. It had been open just a short while, yet everything was operating perfectly.
    I wish them much success so that we can enjoy stopping there again on our next trips to Liberty.

    E.D. Simmons

  • Letters: Jan. 16

    ‘Money speaks louder than words’
    Larry Rowell stated in his Jan. 2 column that there’s too much violence on TV and violent videos. This makes a bigger difference than kids playing with guns. With this statement, most would agree. Yet I have heard no statement from Congress about video games. I believe I heard the reason why on Fox News.
    They stated the rifle association gave Congress $16 million last year, while the video association gave them $40 million.

  • Letter: January is School Board Recognition Month

    The people of Casey County are fortunate to have chosen a group of their fellow citizens to take responsibility for the community’s most precious resource and a key to its future – children and their educational opportunities.
    Ken Coffman, John W. Cox, Dr. Michael Turner, Marilyn W. Coffey, and Anthony Edwards have agreed to serve this community because they care about those kids and their futures. And they serve at minimal compensation for maximum responsibilities, often under clouds of misunderstanding.

  • Letters: Jan. 2

    Encourage those in need to seek help
    In the moment and the aftermath of the most horrific tragedy involving innocent children and their teachers last week in Connecticut, my heart is saddened, as I am sure our community members’ hearts are.

  • Letters: Dec. 19

    Programs helped during recession

  • Letter: Thanks everyone who helped with JPE festival

    The Jones Park Elementary PTO would like to thank everyone who helped to make our Fall Festival a success. We would like to thank the merchants and individuals for the donations for the auctions and chili supper. We greatly appreciate the community and families for their overwhelming show of support. We would also like to thank Scott and Audrey Rousey and Ronnie and Cassy Elmore for conducting our auction. Our school is a better place thanks to your support.    

    Terry Buis, Angela Buis, Melissa Baez

  • Letter: Reader misses Joberta’s column

    Where is Joberta?
    In this highly charged political climate, at least there is one thing on which we can all surely agree. Joberta’s articles are eagerly anticipated and thoroughly enjoyed by your loyal Casey County News readers. Recently, however, we have been too frequently disappointed to search in vain for Joberta’s always entertaining contribution.
    Please make sure that we can depend upon a welcome visit from Joberta on a regular basis. When she is not home, we miss her.

    Eleanor Lipschutz

  • Letter: CCHS Class of 1992 reunion date set

    The Casey County High School Class of 1992 will have its 20-year reunion on Saturday, Nov. 10 at the Gateway Park Community Center from 6 to 10 p.m.
    All class members are invited to attend. Call 859-273-9955 with questions or to RSVP.

    Shane Tucker
    President/Class of 1992