• Kindness will always be remembered

     Do you really believe in angels, or do you think they are religious folklore? Yes, I know that angels announced the birth of Christ. My thoughts have always been that angels have wings as when they announced His birth. But stories that I have read say they also walk the earth. Have you ever seen one? I have.

    On Feb. 6, I met my angel. He looked like any man that you might pass walking down the street. In fact, my angel drove a trash truck.

  • Enjoyed Rowell’s column

     I enjoyed reading Larry Rowell’s writing on March 5 (Let the voters’ decision stand). I believe we will agree some, if not most, judges have too much power and many try to overstep their bounds.

    As for Attorney General Jack Conway, he was on the news one day last week talking about having to make a decision on this issue with tears in his eyes. Then, the next day he was back on TV smiling, saying, “I slept well last night.” Some were saying that this may hurt his chance if he runs for governor. But he wasn’t worried.

  • Police News March 5

    Three charged with DUI

    — Cornelio Utrerai, 44, of West Loudon Avenue, Lexington, was arrested on Feb. 25 on North U.S. 127 by Deputy Jamie Walters and charged with first offense DUI and no operator’s license. Court documents state that Utrerai was involved in a two vehicle accident where he dropped off the roadway and hit a parked car.

  • Think of young people before you vote

     A few years ago, I wrote this to The Casey County News: People of Casey County, what you do in your home is your responsibility, but when we allow alcohol in our restaurants, it won’t be long before gambling will be allowed and God only knows what else.

    Now, we are faced with gambling casinos. Yes, where gaming and drinking goes on. People think! What is wrong? The love of money is the root of all evil. Think before you vote for this and read Matthew 24:48-51, Galatians 5:19-21, Ephesians 5:18, and Revelation 21:7-8.

  • Where is the local industry?

     Born in Casey County, I’ve worked since I was eyeball level to the table in my dad’s tobacco stripping room. The last 20 years I’ve worked and shopped in Liberty. My motto, “If Liberty didn’t have it, I didn’t need it.”

    With the upcoming election I have only been approached by two candidates. One of them stated, “Where can you go in this town and get a good paying job?”

    I always thought I could depend on the county and town that I supported. They don’t need me anymore. What am I voting for?

  • Career Day a huge success

     The students and staff at Jones Park Elementary School would like to say a heartfelt thank you to Kentucky Farm Bureau, Kinfolk Treasurers Floral and Gifts, Casey County Bank, The Casey County News, Lights of Liberty, Casey County Rescue Squad, Kentucky Utilities Carol Beall, Loren Pennington, Wade Durham, Sedita Whited, Jean Hatter, Renita Murphy, and Susan Godbey. These people and businesses made our Career Day a huge success.

    Jill Upton

    Jones Park Elementary

  • CCHS should keep AFJROTC program

     It disturbs me greatly to have read in The Casey County News of possibly doing away with AFJROTC at CCHS. I think the board members fail to recognize that more students from AFJROTC classes will enter military service whereas, how many student athletes go on to professional sports from Casey County?

  • Please don’t cut Casey High’s JROTC program

     Could it be true? Is CCHS planning to cut the JROTC program, one of the best in the school? Please do not let this happen. Sign the petitions and let your voice be heard.

    My granddaughter’s whole education depends on this program. It teaches honor, morality and pride in our country. JROTC is practically self-supporting.

    Kathy Diaz

    Hustonville, Ky.

  • Observations about work and wages

     Please allow a person who has lived a long life to make a couple of observations.

    At a very early age I helped my two older brothers on a paper route and later I took over the route to earn my own spending money. During two summers of high school I worked at a grocery store where I first had income tax and FICA deducted from my wages. At that time my pay was equivalent to two gallons of gasoline plus a little bit more.

  • Relay Q and A session is Feb. 17

     Please join me for a Relay for Life/American Cancer Society informational meeting and question and answer session on Monday, Feb. 17 at 6 p.m. at the Pork Producer’s building at the Ag/Expo Center.

    Anyone wanting to know more about programs available for cancer survivors and their caregivers, as well as where the money goes, how to start a team, or use the county’s event website, www.relayforlife.org/caseyky is encouraged to attend.

    Nicki Tarter 

    Event Chairperson