• Those elected should be creating jobs

    This is in reference to the 3 percent restaurant tax for dining in our four or five restaurants that we have because people in this county don’t want anything.
    This is a poor county and not everyone has these good paying jobs like those we elected. You can probably afford this tax but I will tell you what will happen. People will pay the tax. The waiter just won’t get a tip. So I guess that tax can be given to them or their employer can pay them more for working for them since the people won’t be leaving tips.

  • Hopes results of election are sign

    I hope the results of the recent mid-term election is a sign people (voters) are beginning to wake up. If it is, that’s encouraging for our country. If it isn’t, then they will likely make the same colossal mistake again in 2016 by voting Hillary Clinton in as president, just as, in my opinion, they did in electing Barack Obama a second time. I am not yet convinced that the voters are waking up because if after the first four years of Obama they did not see the light, but rather went to the polls and elected him again, it makes one wonder.

  • Scott to be commended for letter

    In response to Chris Scott’s letter in the Nov. 26, issue ― I found the letter to be outstanding in all areas of the subjects. I do, however. think that it will, as many letters that have been placed in the paper we all like and love, “fall by the wayside.”

  • City of Liberty becoming Washington D.C.

    Upon reading last week’s two articles on the restaurant tax and smoking ban I became very concerned.
    #1 Why was there a vote on two major ordinances and not all council members there?
    #2 Why were these ordinances pushed through without any public notice?
    #3 Mayor Sweeney, who voted to pass these ordinances, will no longer be mayor and has mentioned he may move. Why would he allow a vote when all members were not present unless to push his own agenda?

  • Two counts of agreement

    I would like to make two comments on articles, one in the Oct. 1 edition and the other in Oct. 8 edition.

  • FOE, basketball boosters appreciate support

    The Friends of Education and CCHS Basketball Boosters would like to thank everyone for their dedication to our programs by their recent support during the Apple Festival.  Friends of Education depend solely on the Apple Festival for support.

  • Reader supports local businesses

    This letter is about supporting our local businesses. If I need something and can buy it locally, I do. It only makes good sense to help out our neighbors. The businesses I want to talk about today is our local restaurants. Liberty and Casey County do not have very
    many places to choose from, I wish we had a lot more.

  • Agrees with Whitehouse on country music

    I could not agree with Abigail Whitehouse more in her column, “I hate country music,” in the July 16 edition. I was a die hard country fan since I was a small child and would listen to my uncle Fay Overstreet’s vast record collection of country hits back in the 50s and

  • Sweeney has been a great mayor

    We were very surprised, and yes, even saddened, this past week when Liberty Mayor Steve Sweeney announced that he would not seek a fifth term in office.
    Having been elected in November 1998, Sweeney has shown a selfless love for our little town that has benefited us all.
    It’s easy to point to the new water treatment plant and water tower, Liberty Island, the expanded land purchased for Lake Liberty, and the new college scheduled to open in January. These all look to the future and not to the past.

  • Farmer ‘belonged to the wrong party’

     Mr. Rowell’s editorial about Richie Farmer had to come straight from Democrat headquarters. Their plan is to demonize the opponent and keep the story in the friendly news as long as possible.

    Richie Farmer didn’t go to jail for using state money for personal benefit. If that were the case, every politician in Frankfort would be in jail, even the governor. The governor took his family and friends on a pleasure trip to China. He said he was looking for jobs. How many jobs can you find on the Great Wall of China?