• Violating rights are denying them

    In the Oct. 20, 2010 edition of The Casey County News, I read a letter written by Richard Treitz. In part, Mr. Treitz stated that his rights can be violated, but cannot be taken away.
    I see things just a bit differently. My view is, if my rights are violated, then they have been denied me. Therefore in essence, they have been taken from me.
    I strongly support our Federal Constitution and Bill of Rights. In recent years, it seems to me that our Constitution has less meaning and earns less respect, than ever before in our history. This gives me great consternation.

  • Why aren’t alcohol suppliers responsible?

    Several times a month a person, under the age of 21, is arrested for a DUI. Each time I read this I take a moment to wonder:
    —In a dry county, where are they getting the alcohol from?
    —Who is purchasing the alcohol?
    —And why isn’t the adult that has purchased the alcohol, or the establishment that served the drinks responsible?
    What are we teaching our young? And when will it stop? As adults, we need to step up, become accountable, and help our young grow old, not risk their life.
    Tom Roberts