• Why should trash haulers pay to do job?

    Thirty-some odd years ago, my grandfather, Alvin Owens, started hauling garbage for the folks in Casey County. After my grandfather became disabled, my uncle, Henry Lawson, took over the business.
    Henry and his sons are there to pick up your garbage Thanksgiving, Christmas and every holiday during the year.  They take the loss when renters move away leaving a bill. They are understanding and try to accommodate if customers need a few extra days to pay their bill due to financial hardships or sickness. 

  • Garbage franchise fee unnecessary

    Merriam-Webster Definition of Free Enterprise — Freedom of private business to organize and operate for profit in a competitive system without interference by government beyond regulation necessary to protect public interest and keep the national economy in balance.

  • Letter: Garbage haulers deserve an increase

    Larry Rowell did a good write up on trash and garbage haulers (Dec. 15 issue). I can understand why they are struggling with today’s gas prices, upkeep on their trucks and paying a $4,800 annual permit fee. I must agree with Judge Bill Demrow. This $4,800 fee is ridiculous.
    Those men are doing a service for the county at a much cheaper cost than the county could do for itself. Instead of charging them a $4,800 fee we should be saying thanks for a job well done and charge them nothing.
    I also agree that a montly increase to $14 or $15 a month is in order.

  • Letter: Liberty Care Center does wonderful job with their patients

    I would like to say how everyone at Liberty Care Center takes care of their patients. My sister has been there for six years and she has had the best of care. My mother was there for seven years. She was also taken good care of.
    All the staff there works very hard to see that every patient is taken care of. I’m glad to have a good place like Liberty Care Center for our loved ones to be, when we can no longer take care of them.
    Elmer Brown

  • Letter: More common sense and recognition of priorities needed

    Mrs. Jean Ellis’ letter regarding our judicial system (Dec. 15 issue) brings to mind several other situations that deserve review.
    Shinie Luttrell and the other garbage haulers surely deserve our thanks and a raise to cover their increasing costs. A vital service such as theirs is subject to controversy but the acquisition of a caboose, in less than pristine condition, for $7,500 purported to be a promising tourist attraction, is accepted with little complaint.

  • Letter: Is something wrong with our judicial system?

    What has happened to our judicial system? 
    I recently read  of a 21-year-old man sentenced to seven years for cultivation of marijuana, possession of paraphenalia and trafficking in a controlled substance. Granted, this is a crime. 
    Then we have a man pleading guilty to promoting contraband and the county attorney rcommended a 1 1/2 year sentence.  Again it is a crime.

  • Rowell: 'Rocky Top(s)' the Wildcats once again in annual UK-UT game

    One of the many things that I love about journalism is the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life. I also get to visit places that many people only dream of seeing in the flesh — like being on the floor of Rupp Arena to photograph a Cats basketball game.
    This past Saturday I had the incredible experience of being on the sidelines in Neyland Stadium in Knoxville, Tenn. for the University of Tennessee and University of Kentucky football game.

  • Letter: Take advantage of ag/expo center

    Just a note to let the county and city members know how much we appreciate the (Central Kentucky) AG/EXPO Center.
    Sunday was such a beautiful day here in Casey County. My wife (who suffers a major illness) and I were just sitting around wasting time (and time is something we don’t have a lot of to waste), when we decided to go for a walk. We decided to go to the ag center. What a great decision.

  • Letter: CCMS Rewards program a big success

    We want to recognize the businesses who made gracious donations of coupons as prizes for our Casey County Middle School Halloween Costume Contest. We appeciate their community support to our school. Thank you for making our October Rewards program a success.
    Chris Long, Jamie Hamblin & Rosemary Sparr
    Arts and Humanities, CCMS

  • Letter: Thanks for fire safety demonstration

    The homeschool families of Hatter, Little and Salyers would like to thank the Liberty Fire Department with special thanks to Fireman Nick Scott, for their demonstration of fire safety and a detailed look at “Big Red.” Great job, Liberty Fire Department.
    Melody Blackwood,
    Tonya Little & Gladys Salyers