• Letter: School clubs seeking pop tabs for Shriners

    Casey County High School’s Friends of Rachel Club and Middle School Chain Links Club are having a special event on Friday, May 6 called “Bucket Day” and would like to invite the community.
    Both clubs are currently collecting pop tabs and we would like to give the community a chance to donate tabs that they have saved. 

  • Letter: Bring out relevant issues for transparency

    Larry Rowell’s got it right on transparency but wrong on the issue of (David) William’s gambling habits (April 13 column). The issues right now are the economy, the budget and the divided state of our nation.
    If we want full disclosure let’s start with the real reasons that President Bush went into Iraq. Was it to save face for his father who goofed it up? Or did it really keep us safe?

  • Letter: Casey needs spay/neuter program

    I live on Upper Brush Creek which seems to be one of the dumping roads for puppies and mother dogs.
    I wish Casey County could start a program to help the low income people spay and neuter their dogs. It costs more to spay a dog than to geld a horse. I believe a lot of people would donate to such a cause.
    Sandra Slone

  • Takes two weeks work to pay electric bill

    Me and my husband moved into our dream home with energy-saving appliances, energy-saving doors and windows, filled it full of insulation top to bottom, energy-saving heat pump, even down to the swirly light bulbs.
    We keep heat pump on 68-70 degrees. I’m gone to work all day. My husband is gone most of the week.
    Our electric bill was $448 for the month of January. It takes me two weeks of work to pay my electric bill.

  • Hospitals did fantastic job in emergency

    On the morning of Feb. 20 my husband was very ill so I drove him to the ER at Casey County Hospital.  The doctor and staff on duty were quick in determining the problem and started treatment.
    We could not have asked for a better group of medical professionals to have been there for us.  The doctor and staff at Casey County Hospital, we believe, may have saved his life with their quick actions.

  • Letter: Signs nailed to electric poles are unsightly

    You’ve seen them. Those ugly, yellow, signs advertising Cash Express. Kentucky, even in winter, has a rustic beauty. And those ugly yellow signs nailed to electric poles are unsightly.
    If it’s legal for businesses to advertise in this manner, then all the businesses in Casey County should be allowed to nail their advertising to electric poles. If it is not legal to advertise this way, then Cash Express should be made to remove their signs. And not put them back up.
    Kathy Stinson

  • Letter: Thanks to church for evacuation spot

    On Monday, Feb. 28, as I was driving my daily school bus route, we were alerted that the tornado sirens had went off in Liberty. I thought I would be okay to get my children to Jones Park Elementary since I run the Calvary Ridge area, but as I turned to come towards Jones Park, I saw a terrible cloud with what appeared to be rotation in it.  I made the decision at this point to turn around and go back to the Mt. Olive Christian Church because I knew they had a basement and I was only about a fourth of a mile from it.

  • Letter: Unions have good and bad points

    I would like to say thank you for the well written letter of Betsy Tuckey (March 2 issue).
    I have worked in union shops and been a union member. I have seen the heavy hand of unions. I  have worked with good workers and bad workers. I have worked with some that were a pleasure to work with and others that were a pain to work with.
    The trouble is to a union lawyer they are all the same.
    This is why I agree with every word written by Betsy Tuckey.
    Bob  Ellis

  • Letter: Praise for doctors, therapists on good job

    Usually when things go wrong, everyone wants to tell the whole world about it. But when everything goes right you don’t hear about it. This article is different.
    On Jan. 11, 2011, Dr. Lukins checked me into the Ephraim McDowell hospital for knee replacement surgery. Everyone on the third floor was doing everything they could do to make me as comfortable as possible.

  • Letter: Thanks for bringing fire dues to light

    Thank you for the story about our wonderful (and brave) volunteer fire departments (Feb. 23 issue). Only until I read in The Casey County News that there is a $25 membership fee did I realize that we had never received a notice about the fee in our nearly 10 years of living here! Nor did I even know which fire department was ours.
    I called the number in the phone book and discovered that our home had not been assigned to a fire department. That’s being handled, and I will gladly pay the $25 fee.