• Letter: Wisdom of man can be dangerous thing

    In the beginning God planted a garden in Eden putting the man there to dress and keep it. The man was faithfully warned of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. “In the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die” (Gen. 2:16). So said God and so foolish was the man to disregard the warning.

  • Letter: Cemeteries were beautiful and well-tended

    We would like to say a special “THANK YOU” to all those tending to the care of the Casey County cemeteries. They all looked beautiful and well-tended. Over the Memorial weekend we were able to visit and were very touched and impressed.
    Jerry and Pearlie Whited and family
    Tanya Whited Sweet and family
    Elizabethtown, Ind.

  • Letter: County needs to take care of working poor

    I read a letter last fall in which the writer stated that they hadn’t had a raise in three years (hospital). Sad, but pales to the employees who are rapidly approaching five years since last real raise (Sept. 2006) and that was virtually wiped out within six months due to a vicarious increase in food and fuel.

  • Letter: Directors did great job with 'Oklahoma!'

    What a great opportunity to write a short note to the Casey News as I looked at my mail today and saw the reminder that my Casey News needed to be renewed for another year.
    The news letter concerning production of “Oklahoma!” has a big ditto from me. (Donna Carman’s column of May 25, 2011). I have been privileged to see the last five musicals at the middle school and high school.

  • Letter: Cartoon not welcoming to outsiders

    I have lived in this county for 15 years now and it has taken me about that long to feel welcome.
    All those community feelings were wiped out with last week’s (May 25, 2011) editorial cartoon which reminded me, once again, that this area does not like strangers.
    Donna R. Austin

  • Letter: Casey needs to address and care for animals

    Benjamin, a beagle-basset mix, has lived with us for the past eight years or so — dropped here — brought in and cared for and vet taken care of — now, arthritic and on meds.
    Davey — a three-legged dog — one leg was so badly damaged that it couldn’t be saved. Davey — living here and taken care of.
    Joy — a rope around her middle — emergency trip to the vet to have the rope removed and have her taken care of. However, Joy was so aggressive to both animals and people that she had to be put to sleep.

  • Letter: Oklahoma! performance was spectacular

    The Friday evening performance of Oklahoma! by the Casey County Drama Club was so spectacular that I cannot get the images of it out of my head. 
    Having seen the movie a number of times, as well as other productions at every level of ability, I was absolutely amazed at the skill and quality of the scenery, singing, acting, and especially the dancing displayed.  This was all the more remarkable because the high school gymnasium does not have the resources available in many theatre structures. 

  • Letter: Remember Williams/Farmer at the polls

    David Williams is a long-time friend of Casey County. As our state senator, David stood shoulder to shoulder with our citizens in working to reopen our hospital and secure badly needed grant money. His support of our hospital was profound.
    On May 17, David Williams needs our help. David is seeking the Republican nomination for governor. He and his running mate, Ag Commissioner Richie Farmer, are running on a pro-life, business-friendly and less-spending platform.

  • Letter: Planting by the moon signs works

    I enjoyed Larry Rowell’s piece on gardening (April 20 issue).  Like Mr. Clements I like to watch stuff grow and also like Mr. Clements I try to plant by the moon phase.
    What got me doing so was some seasons my potatoes would be exposed to the sun and turn green from sun burn. My turnips would also be exposed causing them to be dry, cracked and taste strong.
    Then someone told me to try planting by the moon signs. Now I have no more sunburned potatoes and no more strong tasting turnips.

  • Letter: Making gardening a little easier

    Well March has come and gone this year. We got the “in like a lamb” and “out like a lion” type.
    Each year I always wish for the lion in and lamb out type.
    Being a person that enjoys fishing and gardening I’m always glad to see spring.
    There’s an old saying, “The old gray mare ain’t what she used to be.” Being born in ’32, and with a bad knee and back to match, I’m kinda like the old gray mare.