• Agree on common sense and experience

    I agree with most of Mr. Haggard’s letter in the July 20 edition, but to call someone that would harm a child a Christian is totally wrong. Those men were not a child of God. They were children of the devil. Matthew 7:15 speaks of this.
    I totally agree with Mr. Haggard, common sense and experience is a good teacher.
    I lived outside Christianity for 52 years of my life. I became a Christian 25 ½ years ago so I have experience in both places.

  • Library is wonderful community resource

    I really enjoyed the outstanding Harry Potter show put on by the staff at the Casey County Library July 9. They really wowed everyone young and “old.” The decorations, posters, and costumes were highly imaginative, and really got the crowd motivated.
    There were lots of Harry Potter games, with all the contestants assigned to various Potter houses, vying for a host of prizes that led to some spirited competitions. Many of the teens, and younger contestants, showed an unbelievable knowledge of Harry Potter trivia!

  • Thanks for help on sports physical night

    The Casey County High School Athletic Department would like to thank all the medical professionals who donated time from their busy schedules on July 11 to make our third annual Free Physical Night for our student-athletes a success. Their service and dedication to our young people is second to none.
    Victor Black, Athletic Director
    Casey County High School

  • Common sense comes through experience

    Just to follow up on my last letter concerning what we can and can’t do. If it sounded stupid to you it  was successful, I expect repercussions too!
    The ACLU says you can’t spank your children because it shows them violence is the way to pay for being disobedient. They also ruled that kids have the right to play video games that show peple being shot, heads blown off, etc., for no apparent reason!
    I have no qualms with people who exercise rights that harm no one.

  • Do you need your Social Security check?

    If you know of anyone dependent on  their  Social Security check in order to buy groceries or to pay the rent, you might want to tell them that they might not receive a check on August 3, 2011 unless the Republicans agree to raise the debt limit for our country.
    You can contact our congressman, Ed Whitfield, and tell him what the non-receipt of a Social Security check will mean to them.
    Tom Ellis

  • Letter: Judges have too much power

    I have to agree with Mr. Haggard about the judge’s decision allowing kids to play violent games (letter to editor in July 6 edition). Kinda makes me think of the movie “Dumb and Dumber.” This proves judges have too much power.
    As for porn movies and books, this causes lust and can mess up anyone’s mind, young or old.
    As for the Ten Commandments in courthouses, I’d much rather they put up John 3:16 and Revelation 3:20.

  • Letter: Casey trying to act like a rich county

    I went to town the night of July 4 and watched the fireworks. I was totally amazed to see $23,000 to $24,000 shot up in the air and drift away in a big cloud of smoke in less than 30 minutes.
    Now when I was able to work it would take over two years to earn that much money and I’m talking about gross income, not take home pay. Now according to my figures, $24,000 would feed 9,600 hungry children.
    What’s wrong here? Casey County is a poor county trying to act like a rich county. Will the AG/EXPO Center ever turn a profit? I doubt it.

  • Letter: Why object to national health care?

    Why has there been such opposition to a government health care system?
    Right now we have some of our political leaders wanting to do away with Medicare. The Ryan voucher program is proposed as a replacement. It is based on the premise that health insurance companies would compete for your health insurance dollars. In theory we would get better coverage for less money.
    But those of us who live in the real world realize that millions of us who pay for or contribute to our health insurance plans can only attest to the fact that we pay more and receive less benefits.

  • Letter: Wisdom of man can be dangerous thing

    In the beginning God planted a garden in Eden putting the man there to dress and keep it. The man was faithfully warned of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. “In the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die” (Gen. 2:16). So said God and so foolish was the man to disregard the warning.

  • Letter: Cemeteries were beautiful and well-tended

    We would like to say a special “THANK YOU” to all those tending to the care of the Casey County cemeteries. They all looked beautiful and well-tended. Over the Memorial weekend we were able to visit and were very touched and impressed.
    Jerry and Pearlie Whited and family
    Tanya Whited Sweet and family
    Elizabethtown, Ind.