• Black Friday premium

    Dear Editor,

    In the paper recently you advised of an extra charge of $1.00 for the Black Friday advertisements. When I received my paper with those Black Friday ads, it was the SAME ads that I get every week for the Dollar Store, Rite Aid, and Tractor Supply.

  • Letter to editor

    To the Editor:

    I read your story “Plato’s Cave and the Flat Earth.” I am new at this, but I believe I can help you get your point across, if it is possible. I can say, without a doubt, that the world is round, because I’ve been around it twice. If it wasn’t round, I wouldn’t be here today; I’d be off the edge of it someplace.

  • Grooms Family Reunion

    To the Editor:

    Thirty-eight members of the Grooms family met for three days in Liberty, Ky., for fellowship and to relive old memories, revisit old homes, schools and cemeteries, and introduce the younger generations who had never been there before, to a part of their heritage.

    Dwight and Linda Grooms provided a tour bus to take everyone around Casey County and Liberty, and narration was provided by Dwight Grooms and Carol (Grooms) Woods. Phillip and Carol (Grooms) Woods provided Saturday’s picnic and evening dinner.

  • Recommendations for copying black and white prints

    To the Editor:

    1. Print photos at a good print shop with complete printing equipment and capability including ability to enlarge the copy.

    2. Ask for glossy heavy stock paper.

    3. Ask for prints to be made on color setting – very important – much better result.

    4. Printing paper size is 8 1/2 x 11 - I recommend enlarging the clearer, more valuable photos to whatever the machine can produce close to 8 x 10 to fit standard frames and albums. (Of course copies can be trimmed to size.)

  • What’s up with the phones?

    To the Editor:

    Does anyone else in our Casey area have a problem with their phone services (Windstream) or am I just special?

    My phone went out on Sept. 30, nine days ago and it is still out.

    I’m getting: “Yeah, we have an open work order, can’t tell you when, but we will get to you.”

    Sounds like they need more employees, more efficient ones, or we need a new carrier.

    Two tin cans and a string might be better.

    D. L. Russell

    Casey County

  • Wake up, USA!

    To the Editor:

    Where to begin?

    There is sooo much going on just here in the USA that it is unbelieveable.

    Without writing a book, let me comment on some things:

    1. Professional football players taking a kneel to the national anthem. Sure they have the right, but please don’t make them a celebrity!

    2. Legalized marijuana is spreading all over the US. Companies and places of businesses are being sued for standing on their No Drug policies when they refuse to hire an applicant.

  • Eyes wide shut and hamburger helper

    By David Pickhardt

  • We’re all In the same religion

    To the Editor:

    The Catholics, and Protestants have argued/ fought on which denomination is right. Would the lord above want this? Or would the Lord want us to rejoice together. Both religions have small religion practices, but both religions have the same big practices. Asking the lord Jesus Christ our savior into our heart, asking for forgiveness, and being baptized as it says to do, in the bible. So why is everyone fighting, over little differences? After all we’re in the same religion.

    Adam Pittman


  • ‘KanCare’ is not good Medicaid

    ‘KanCare’ is not good Medicaid

    To the Editor:

    I am writing regarding the Guest Editorial by Jim Waters in last week’s Casey County News where he touts the wonders of, among two or three states, the accomplishments of the State of Kansas regarding Medicaid (known in Kansas as ‘Kancare’). I had almost completed my Letter to the Editor when I came across an article that appeared May 12, 2018 in the Kansas Emporia Gazette newspaper. I am quoting a portion of it below. I think that just about says it all!

  • Candidates should make realistic plans

    To the Editor:

    I would like to discuss the upcoming local elections, and what it means to the citizens of our county.

    My opinion, for whatever it is worth, is that every candidate running should have solid ideas on how they will improve the area once they are elected.

    Even in good times, improvements can always be made, and good enough, is never good enough.

    I have had several candidates come to my door. The first question I ask is, “If you are elected, what will you try to do to improve the lives of your constituents.”