• Letter to the Editor

    Regarding David Smith’s letter

    Mr. Smith,

    Regarding your letter to the editor dated Aug. 28, 2019, I must commend you on your words and the format that you used to present the text.

    I have followed the same path as you presented in your writing from my time frame in life. I was born at the foothills of Black Mountain in Harlan County in September of 1943.

  • Letter to the Editor Climate Change

    Climate Change

    To the Editor,

  • Letters to the editor Aug. 28

    Only God judges Christians

    To the editor:

    I have read the letter from the writer wanting pastors to respond to her thoughts on President Trump. I am not a pastor but am responding to her question. She is entitled to her opinion, but doesn’t have the right to question anyone else or their Christianity. Only God does that. I suggest the writer open her Bible to Matthew 7:1. It says, Judge not, that ye be not judged.

    Julia Spears


    No one is perfect

    Dear editor,

  • Letter to The editor

    To the Editor:

  • Letter to editor

    Dear Editor:

    I was surprised that no pastor answered in response to the letter from the lady, who asked for comments from pastors about her letter about President Trump (Clements).

    I’ve never heard Trump say what she claims he said about Jesus. She must listen to the fake news channels.

    I did hear the sound bite they played about how he used to treat women. God can change any person.

  • Letter to The editor

    I have a sincere question to ask of all Christians in the United States. Since Donald Trump is exactly the kind of person Jesus told us not to follow, how can a sincere Christian follow Donald Trump?

    Donald Trump actually said on camera for the whole world to witness that he does not “need” Jesus Christ. Donald Trump is also world-famous for lying and cheating and for admitting unapologetically that he sexually molests people whenever he feels like it.

  • Thank You Randy Dial

    To the Editor:

    I want to thank our Judge Executive, Randy Dial, and our County Road Crew for finally fixing a problem we have had with water just overflowing in our yard.

    After trying to get this done for several years, we were told nothing could be done except for us to put a tile in, which we did, and that only made the problem worse.

  • Thankful for the Support

    To the Editor:

    The Casey County Toys for Kids committee would like to thank the people of Casey County for their amazing support of our Christmas 2018 Toy Drive.

    We were able to provide requested toys to 472 children in 205 families. The toys could be worth up to thirty dollars per child. Parents or guardians picked up the wrapped gifts for their children so that they could give them for Christmas. The children were also given free admission to Liberty Island Christmas Lights.

  • Letter to the Editor

    To the Editor:

    On behalf of the Disabled American Veterans, Chapter 41, I would like to thank all the Casey County businesses for their generous support of our annual Christmas dinner and auction.

    Your donations were greatly appreciated and your willingness to support our county’s disabled veterans shows just what kind of people we have living and working here.

    I thank each of you for the courtesy and respect shown to me during our contact. It made me proud to be a member of such a giving and loving community.

    Wade Durham

  • Thanks from Cattlemen

    To the Editor:

    On behalf of the Casey County Cattlemen’s Association, I wish to thank the community for its overwhelming support toward this years annual Cattlemen’s Country Christmas! It was a HUGE success!

    It is both exciting and humbling to witness the donations by local businesses, private citizens, as well as the record turnout by the community to support this endeavor. Every penny raised is working hard to fulfill many needs within Casey County.