• PVA audit squeaky clean

     In this day and time when scandals abound from local, state, and federal agencies, it’s always reassuring to read an independent audit attesting to an agency’s integrity and work ethic.

    State Auditor Adam Edelen recently released the 2012-13 audit for the Casey County Property Valuation Administration office.

  • The end of an era?

     Word came to us this week that the stage where the Clementsville Variety Show is held will be dark this year.

    Organizers of the event cited health and other reasons for the show’s cancellation which has been held on Saturday following Thanksgiving Day since 1971.

    Reminiscent of a slower time when the Clementsville community gathered at St. Bernard Catholic Church to laugh at corny, yet brilliant improv skits performed by local actors, it was always well attended and served as a fund raiser for the church.

  • City nuisance ordinance needed

     As politicians, Liberty City Council members are faced with situations which call for Solomonic wisdom when considering ordinances which affect property owners.

    One such measure, a Nuisance Ordinance, received first reading on Monday with second reading and adoption scheduled for Tuesday.

    If adopted by the council, the law would affect landlords who rent their properties in the city.

  • School safety worth the investment

    With the 2013-14 school year already here, expectations run high when it comes to beginning a new year, including higher scores on assessments, sports’ teams winning — GO REBS — and teachers and students ready to tackle greater challenges.

    But we need never forget that in addition to teaching students, the Board of Education also has an obligation to protect students while at school.

  • Editorial: Special delivery 8-7-13

     Over the past few weeks, many of our subscribers have been receiving The Casey County News in the mail up to a week after the publication date.

    Needless to say, our office has been besieged with calls, emails, and complaints from people who are getting their paper late.

  • Editorial: Show respect for our veterans

     There’s a difference between “mischievous” and “disrespectful.”

    The lead story in this week’s newspaper about vandalism at our Veterans’ Memorial Park may bring tears to your eyes.

  • Editorial: Don't be judgemental

     The lead story in this week’s newspaper presents an interesting dilemma.

    An attorney has filed a civil lawsuit against family members of the very judge he often appears before in Casey District Court.

  • Editorial: Keeping public record in front of the public

     Sometimes people like seeing their name in the newspaper.

    Perhaps they have earned accolades, been honored for some type of achievement, or celebrated a momentous occasion in their life.

  • Editorial: Who should pay to protect our kids?

    The story in today’s issue about the lack of a School Resource Officer at Casey County High School is troubling, if anything.
    Up until this school year and for the past five years before that, a Liberty Police Officer patrolled the halls of CCHS during school hours.
    And not only was he there to protect the kids, these officers built relationships with them, in some ways becoming a mentor and confidant dealing with the irks and ills of adolescents and their relationships.

  • Editorial: New gun provision missing the mark?

    A new provision in the Kentucky law concerning carrying weapons has gone into effect. As mentioned in the story on today’s front page, citizens can now openly carry a gun into buildings owned by municipalities such as city halls, public libraries, and hospitals.
    Weapons are still banned in jails, schools, and judicial centers.
    As pointed out by Liberty Mayor Steve Sweeney, what’s the point of bringing a gun into city hall when there’s nothing to hunt in there.