• Breast Cancer Awareness Month

    October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.

    Are you a Breast Cancer Survivor?

    Do you know a Breast Cancer Survivor?

    We live in a day when breast cancer is survivable, if caught in time.

  • What was that word?

    By Joberta Wells

    I read recently that the Merriam-Webster dictionary has added 840 new words and phrases in their 2018 edition. Some of them are biohacking, force quit, gochujang (Korean chili paste), mise en place, food bank, hangry, and adorbs. I haven’t used any of them yet and I suspect the only one I’ll ever use is force quit. I doubt I’ll be using it in relation to a computer.

    That and a recent experience made me wonder what had happened to some the old words we rarely, if ever, hear these days.

  • Thanking our Apple Festival volunteers

    I’ve been to several annual festivals, fairs, and community events, but I have to say that the Casey County Apple Festival gives attendees the most for their time and money.

    For example, in Shelley, Idaho (10 miles south of Idaho Falls), they have an annual Spud Day. It’s a one-day affair, usually following the potato harvest.

  • Welcome to the Twilight Zone

    By David “Bruce” Smith

    During my sophomore year in college, I would sit in the student center at Cumberland College and watch police dramas, in particular the series Police Story starring James Farentino, Tony Lo Bianco and Don Meridith.

  • I’m glad you asked!

    By Jon Edgell 

    I’m like most preachers. I never have a problem finding texts or subjects to preach or teach. The challenge is narrowing things down to where I know specifically what I need to preach or teach. The same applies to writing this column. My main issue is limiting it to 700 words or less; not coming up with something to write about. The latter is easy; the former is difficult. This brings me to the subject of this column, i.e., what to write about.

  • Unity is beautiful but very rare indeed

    By William Holland 

  • KentuckyWired is a pricey lesson

    The special examination on the KentuckyWired project, released by Auditor of Public Accounts Mike Harmon Sept. 27, reads like a description of a train wreck in slow motion.

    There’s failure after failure by state government in protecting Kentuckians from incurring a huge debt for the publicly owned fiber optic network. It is a disgrace to read that public financing for the project went from a $30 million taxpayers’ investment, described by then-Gov. Steve Beshear, to taxpayers now being on the hook for $1.5 billion, likely more, over 30 years.

  • The fruit of the Spirit

    By Jon Edgell

    Sarah Jo Sarchet was a Pastor in Chicago. One day a 10-year-old boy in her congregation named Cameron walked into her office and said he needed to talk to her. Fresh from soccer practice, and wearing his Cincinnati Reds baseball cap, he had a request. He said, “I’d like to be baptized. We’re learning about Jesus’ baptism in Sunday School. The teacher asked the kids in the class who was baptized, and all the other kids raised their hands. I want to be baptized, too.”

  • Celebrate our democracy, register to vote

    By Jimmy Higdon

    With the passing of National Voters Registration Day on Sept. 25, I wanted to remind eligible Kentuckians that the deadline to register to vote is Oct. 9.

    Don’t take this constitutionally protected right for granted. Many Kentuckians have served their country and too many have made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom and right to vote. Yet, so many eligible Kentucky voters are not even registered.

  • Things I’d change about television - Joberta Wells

    Tom Selleck! Everybody knows I adore Tom Selleck. He has aged beautifully and gracefully. He doesn’t dye his hair and he hasn’t had face-altering cosmetic surgery. He’s craggy and gorgeous and I still like looking at him. Why, I ask, do the wardrobe people on “Blue Bloods” stick him in those awful old-man collared cardigan sweaters? Sure, he’s a little long in the tooth for red flowered Hawaiian shirts and tight shorts but old-man sweaters? Give me and Tom a break! (At least they didn’t put him in white old-man tennis shoes.)