• Wells: Stupid Christmas gifts

    It’s almost Christmas, that time of year when manufacturers and marketing groups answer the call of those poor souls who have put off their shopping until the last minute. They offer them the durnedest items you ever saw.
    We’ve had Chia Pets for years, then Chia Herbs, then Chia Cat Grass, but this year’s offering takes the cake! For the patriotic gift-giver you have a Chia George Washington, a Chia Abraham Lincoln, a Chia Barack Obama, and a Chia Statue of Liberty!

  • Carman: Comfort foods better in the winter

    With winter winds howling, and the snow a-blowing (at least it has been this week), there’s no better time to seek those things which make us comfortable.
    That may be your favorite recliner with a warm blanket spread across your lap, a good book on the table beside you, or a favorite movie on TV. (Sounds like my favorite things … wait a minute, it is.)
    However, we need one more thing to make this comforting picture complete – food!

  • Wells: No Yankee green beans for this southerner

    Let me ask you a very serious question. Do you or anyone you know really like green bean casserole?
    I ask myself this every time I see a commercial on TV or an ad in a magazine featuring this obnoxious, unappetizing-looking dish. Now I’m asking you.
    I have never eaten the stuff and I doubt I could. I’d rather have fried grasshoppers or something equally as strange.
    Green beans with canned mushroom soup sounds horrible and looks worse. The pictures always show lots of bright green beans with the gray slimy-looking soup. Yechhhhh!

  • Rowell: Williams and Farmer on fiscal responsibility

    Talk is cheap — especially when it comes to politics.
    Take the case of Kentucky Senate President Republican David Williams and Agriculture Commissioner Richie Farmer.
    These two are traversing the state in a campaign bus stumping for the state big house that’s up for grabs in the November 2011 general election.
    However, Gov. Steve Beshear said he will not start campaigning until the legislature gets finished conducting the people’s business in March.

  • Carman: Just give the lady back her dog

    I typically burn the midnight oil on Monday nights, staying up late to write the stories that I somehow never find time to do during the course of the work week.
    Oftentimes, I take a break from the computer when my favorite segment of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno comes on, usually around 11:45. If you’re up on Monday nights at that time too, then you’ll recognize the feature “Headlines.” (Actually, I check it out to make sure we’re NOT on there as I live in fear that one day we will be.)

  • Wells: Hidden caboose won't attract tourists

    I love cabooses. I really do. I like them on the back of trains where they belong. I can even sing you a caboose song if your ears are up to it. What a hoot!
    I don’t like cabooses stuck up behind a building in downtown Liberty, however. How are the throngs of tourists who are coming to town to see it ever going to find it? They might find it by accident if they drive around the back of the courthouse or if they are visiting the jail.

  • Rowell: Hunters, to the woods!

    I always love everything about the fall in Kentucky — the cool crisp nights, the beauty of the leaves in all their vibrant colors, football and hot chocolate.
    However, I’m torn about one fall activity — deer hunting. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m an advocate of the Second Amendment right to bear arms for self-defense and hunting.
    The reason I’m torn about deer hunting is because I’ve tried it over the years and I’m just no good at it.

  • Carman: Black Friday a disappointment

    While the news reports sing the praises of Black Friday and the boon it was to the economy, I’m disappointed.
    No, no ... not that it was a boon for the economy, because we can all certainly be glad of that. Rather, I’m disappointed that I didn’t go shopping.

  • Carman: New web site offers much more

    If you’ve logged onto our web site, www.caseynews.net in the last couple of days, you’ve noticed that things look a little different — well, a whole lot different, actually.
    The Casey County News launched its new site over the weekend after the staff, and the technology people at our company’s home office, spent a pretty intense week getting it populated. (OK, the IT people at our central office spent way more time than one week on it, but the rest of us got the crash course last week.)

  • Rowell: Meal time important for the family

    In an age where families are becoming more disconnected and uncommunicative due to time constraints and being inundated with trying to attend various extracurricular activities, one of the best times for families to reconnect is still around the dinner table.
    The perception — or misperception — is that with the majority of moms working, with the kids on laptops, texting on cell phones, playing video games, and, with attending after-school activities, who has time to prepare a meal so all family members can share it around the table?