• Wells: Furniture queen finally has her own style

    When I got my first apartment I had all sorts of hand-me-downs from family and friends with which to “decorate.” I use that term loosely because there was no decorating.  I even had a 4-foot walnut log that I used as an ashtray stand.

  • Carman: Suffering from AS (autopilot syndrome)

    I popped a bag of popcorn before I sat down to write this column, not really having any idea what it was going to be, only knowing that the clock was ticking and I had to write one. So I sat here and stared at the computer monitor and pondered several subjects — the weather, more New Year’s resolutions, the local garbage issue ......
    Suddenly, the bowl of popcorn was gone.
    Where did it go?
    Did someone come in my office and gobble it up while I was pondering what to write about?
    Probably not.

  • Rowell: Immigration reform still a hot topic

    Immigration reform is one of those hot button topics that’s not going to go away.
    On the one hand, illegal Hispanics permeate our porous borders like hot grease through a paper towel.
    And, farmers will tell you that it would be difficult, if not totally impossible, to harvest a crop without the benefit of illegal alien labor.
    On the other hand, how much money is spent each year educating the children of illegal aliens and treating them medically in health departments and other agencies funded by taxpayer dollars?

  • Wells: Age is all in your mind, maybe a little in the body

    I had a birthday recently. I am older. I am NOT old. Now, you repeat after me: “You are not old, you are not old, you are not old.”
    Several things have happened recently that make me think that other people think I am old.

  • Carman: A New Year’s resolution kept

    Finally, finally, finally .... I have fulfilled a New Year’s resolution for a whole year.
    Sometime around 3 p.m. Friday, I read the final “Amen” in the last verse of chapter 22 in the book of Revelations.
    During 2010, I read all the way through the King James version of the Holy Bible, a New Year’s resolution I set for myself a year ago.

  • Rowell: Politicians introduce the craziest bills

    As long as there is one living, breathing politician, there will always be something for newspaper columnists to write about.
    And, as we are on the cusp of a new year with the state legislature not yet in session, one would think there’s not much fodder for a political column.
    However, a cursory reading of pre-filed bills in the Kentucky legislature has raised more than an eyebrow — one in particular has raised my ire.

  • Carman: Looking back at readers’ favorites for 2010

    The calendar says we’re approaching the end of another year, so in what has become a tradition for me, we’re going to take a look back here at what peaked our readers’ interests in 2010.
    Typically, I will review the stories that have been published during the year and select a “Top 10” based on impact to our community, which you can read about also in this issue. Most usually, the majority of those top stories will coincide with our circulation numbers, but not always. Sometimes I get surprised.

  • Rowell: ‘We owe, we owe, it’s off to borrow more we go ...’

    I read recently where the age group in the United States with the most credit card debt is people from 60-65 years of age.
    With gas, groceries, prescription drugs and virtually everything else rising in price, senior citizens are having to make wise decisions about spending money and using credit cards.
    However, with the decline in pension and 401K fund payments due to the failing economy and a stagnant Social Security check arriving in the mailbox each month, there’s no way to offset how much more it costs to live.

  • Carman: What are some good Christmas gifts?

    Most of us have had our share of good — and bad — Christmas gifts, haven’t we?
    While Great Aunt Matilda’s heart is undoubtedly in the right place, the matching hand-knitted aqua-and-orange sweaters that she created for the entire family are only something that a mother can love, right?
    (And she’s probably not too keen on them either if truth be told.)

  • Rowell: Don’t blow opportunity for a swimming pool

    I don’t get it, I really don’t. Maybe someone can explain it to me where I’ll understand.
    Why do some elected officials cower in fear that they’ll offend someone by voting a certain way?
    Our editor, Donna Carman, normally covers city council meetings for the paper. But because of a conflict Dec. 15, she asked me to attend the meeting.
    During that special-called meeting, Mayor Steve Sweeney proposed the formation of a tourism commission that would administer a 3 percent room and restaurant fee.