• Carman: Did they really say that?

    In this age of minding our P’s and Q’s in everything from political correctness, racial equality, homosexual sensitiveness, and just generally not stepping on anyone’s toes, it can be very strange to come across some things that were once “normal” that made it into print or the airwaves.
    Today, we’re hampered with all kinds of restrictions in what we can advertise, and sometimes our customers don’t understand that. (Heck, we don’t understand it ourselves in some cases, but that’s the way it is.)

  • Rowell: Amish religious rights v. public safety

    Let me state at the outset of this article that I have a deep and abiding respect for the Amish who live in our area.
    The “simple people,” as a member of the Amish community once told me, live by what they believe, and those beliefs come from the Bible.
    And the Amish live what they believe by evidencing a strong work ethic, love of family, church and community, Christian morals and a simple lifestyle.
    However, there are times when that almost stubborn adherence to their beliefs and that “simple lifestyle” clashes with man’s law.

  • Wells: Saying goodbye to ‘an artist in dirt’

    One of the finest neighbors a whole bunch of people ever had has died.  Coy (“Jiggs”) Judd departed this world for God’s garden on March 23, 2011.
    Several years ago I did a column about Jiggs and I said he was “an artist in dirt.” He had the most beautiful vegetable garden in the area. Not only did he raise corn and tomatoes and beets and lettuce and potatoes, among other things, he also had some fine flowers that lined his sidewalk and made up spectacular flowerbeds below his house close to the Green River between Yosemite and Middleburg.

  • Wells: Med alert: If you can’t pronounce it, don’t take it

    You gotta keep your mind and body in shape – or so I’m told. The idiots who advertise on television are quick to tell us how and some of their suggestions are hoots. One of them I can’t even take seriously.
    Have you been seeing the commercials for electronic smoking devices? There are several of them out there. Their big “hook” is that you can smoke in public using their devices because you’re not really smoking. One even goes so far as to say their device is a “healthy alternative to smoking.”

  • Carman: Lady Rebs a hard act to follow

    I have always been a fan of Casey County sports.
    No matter what the sport — from the first swing of the golf club in August to the last race at the state track meet in June — I’m always rooting for the boys and girls who wear the Columbia blue.
    I may not get to take in as many games, matches or meets as I’d like, but I’m there in spirit.

  • Rowell: Legislators don’t deserve OT for work

    On a recent visit to Casey County, Kentucky Senate President David Williams, R-Burkesville, accused Gov. Steve Beshear of not having an agenda for the current legislative session.
    But about the only thing that I can see legislators have done is actively engage in the same old partisan, gridlock politics originating from a Democratically-controlled House of Representatives and a Republican-controlled Senate.

  • Carman: Proud to be a ‘top dog’ owner

    I’ve got a top dog.
    And that’s not just my opinion.
    According to the American Kennel Club, the Labrador Retriever is America’s top dog of 2010.
    In a segment last Wednesday on The Today Show, an American Kennel Club spokesperson gave the results of the country’s top five dog breeds. And the lab remains at No. 1 — for 20 years in a row!
    Labs are followed by, in order of favorite, the German Shepherd, Yorkshire Terrier, Beagle, and Golden Retriever.

  • Rowell: Greens for health brings green for wealth

    In case you haven’t heard, the Industrial Revolution in the United States is over.
    But that doesn’t stop every small community like Liberty and every rural county like Casey from waiting for a large factory to arrive, offering thousands of jobs.
    Only problem is, it ain’t gonna happen, according to a man who says he has the answer to part of America’s unemployment situation.

  • Carman: Coupons have life after expiration

    When I was gathering information for the story about couponing that ran in last week’s issue, it was eye-opening to realize how dedicated some people are to clipping and using coupons.
    One person I spoke with called herself a “coupon procrastinator,” meaning that she would clip the coupons and then forget to use them.
    If I clipped coupons, that would be me, too.

  • Rowell: Now, now, play nice Sen. McConnell

    Possibly it was in kindergarten I learned that there are people whom I will never like and vice versa.
    However, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to get along with those with whom we disagree or dislike.
    And to go along with that life lesson, I also picked up that when you share a sandbox with several other kindergartners — even when one is mean or a bully — you learn to play nice.
    Playing nice involves trying to get along where you won’t get sand kicked on you. It also requires that you share your bucket and shovel with others.