• My my, hay hay

    It’s that time of year again ― everywhere tractors are humming, dust and pollen are nesting on and in everything (including our noses), and most importantly, my daddy is baling hay.
    For many people, hay season is nothing but a long summer list of even longer days, working in the heat of the sun, stacking and unloading and stacking again. The square bales are itchy and never fail to leave microscopic scratches up and down your forearms.

  • ‘In the good ole summer time...’

    One of the things that I like about Facebook is people sharing memories from the dark ages, or as we Baby Boomers like to call them, the 1960s and 70s.
    It seems that this time of year, during the summer months, our memories fly back in time to those care free days of being out of school and late evenings of playing outside with friends.
    Neighbors and family members would sit outside and visit until it got dark and the mosquitos begin their quest to bite any exposed skin.

  • Safety first....no, seriously

    I received a bit of a wake up call last Thursday. I was in my usual “working while daydreaming” state of mind when my cell phone vibrated. It was a text from my boyfriend, Alex, and all it said was, “I think I may have cut my finger off.”

  • Good for the goose, good for the gander?

    Sen. Mitch McConnell’s arrival in Liberty is usually like a family member who lives far away coming to attend a family reunion. It’s a genial time, with a lot of smiling, hugging, and telling of remembrances from his previous visits which span a period of three decades.
    McConnell and his wife, former Secretary of Labor Elaine Chao made a campaign stop on Saturday at the Central Kentucky AG/EXPO Center.

  • Police News March 5

    Three charged with DUI

    — Cornelio Utrerai, 44, of West Loudon Avenue, Lexington, was arrested on Feb. 25 on North U.S. 127 by Deputy Jamie Walters and charged with first offense DUI and no operator’s license. Court documents state that Utrerai was involved in a two vehicle accident where he dropped off the roadway and hit a parked car.

  • Wells: It was so surreal

     If I hear one more movie actor, TV actor, stage actor, athlete, or beauty queen say, “It was so surreal when I won the Oscar (Emmy, Tony, Olympic gold medal, pageant),” I am going on a rampage and slap them all silly.

  • Rowell: Names are important, choose carefully

     A flap occurred recently in Newport, Tenn. when Tennessee Child Support Magistrate Lu Ann Ballew ordered the parents of 7-month-old Messiah Deshawn McCullough to change his name to Martin Deshawn McCullough. 

    The judge decided that Messiah was an inappropriate first name and ordered that Messiah’s name be changed to incorporate the last names of both parents.

  • Daffron: Butterflies are free 8-7-13

     You would think it would take a lot to reduce a big ol’ boy like me to tears.

    Not so.

    Sometimes it’s something so simple, so delicate.

  • Wells: Sunday dinner – Gone but not forgotten 8-7-13

     Sunday dinner — when was the last time you observed this time-honored tradition? Say what? You don’t know what that is? If you are under 60, you probably don’t. I feel so sorry for you because you missed out on something worthy of an epic poem.

  • Rowell: Sometimes plain is downright better 8-7-13

     The debate rages on, is new and improved better than what we were using? You be the judge.

    In the past few years, food companies have really been tweeking their flavors in an effort to keep us, the general public, interested in their products.