• Helping feed hungry children this summer

    By Hilda Gay Legg

    USDA Rural Development Kentucky State Director

    As we near the end of another winter, many parents and children are already beginning to think about summer. Sadly, though, the thought for some parents is: “How will I feed my children?”

  • Road plan focuses on both old and new roadways, infrastructure

    By Rep. Daniel Elliott

    This week in Frankfort was a tremendous success. With the budget passed and awaiting Senate approval, the other representatives and I turned our attention to the road plan. The road plan is one of the most important pieces of legislation we pass every other year and this year is no different.

  • Avoid introducing invasive plant species by following these tips


    Many invasive species of plants are attractive, but they can wipe out native plants.

    Intuition may suggest all plants that provide habitats for wildlife and produce oxygen for the atmosphere are good no matter where they are planted. However, non-native plant species that are introduced into areas across North America can pose significant threats to an ecosystem.

  • Daylight Saving Time serves as fire safety reminder

    Kentucky Press News Service

    FRANKFORT - Daylight Saving Time began on Sunday and as you “spring forward” one hour, the Kentucky Division of Fire Protection asks residents in a news release to practice fire safety by testing their smoke alarms and changing the batteries.

  • Fear not, for God is always with you

    God has promised in His Word that we will never be alone and I consider this blessed assurance as a foundational pillar that supports our faith in Him. I trust Him completely and shudder to imagine drifting like a ship on the open Sea without a sail, a compass, or an anchor. May we be reminded that God is always with us, He knows our situation and always wants the best for us.

  • My favorite Valentine’s Day card came a week late

    “It’s my Valentine card to you, sorry it’s a week late, but we’ve been gone.”

    I reached down and took the envelope from her outstretched arm; my nine-year old friend, Sadie, would have to stand on her tip toes to be more than four feet tall.

    Her “card” was inside a plain, white envelope, addressed to me in her own writing, penned with a bright red, felt tip marker.

  • The examined life: Who are you and what do you do?

    The unexamined life is not worth living. Can we agree on that? However, if all you’re doing is examining, then you’re not living either. - Adam Leipzi

  • The best Valentine’s Day present ever!

    By Gloria Yoder

    I want to thank readers for your well wishes, prayers, and cards as we adjust to having a newborn baby again in the Yoder household!

    Yes. our bundle has actually arrived. Little Elijah really does top off our family like icing on a cake! We are doing well with so many things to thank God for. I marvel again and again at the miracle and gift of life. We have done nothing to deserve this precious young life that God has blessed our hearts and home with!

  • Laughing for your mental, physical and spiritual health

    By Dr. Melissa Martin

    Giggles, a 1966 toy by Ideal, was my favorite childhood doll. When you opened and closed her arms, infectious giggling gushed out. We giggled together.

  • Pension bill stalls, other bills advance

    Kentucky General Assembly

    Capitol observers have been tuned in for months to find out what form lawmakers’ public pension reform plans might take and how legislators would cast their first votes on the issue.

    They got some answers as Senate Bill 1 advanced through a Senate committee this week.