• That’s Liberty for ya’!

    By Jon Edgell 

    I pastor three United Methodist Churches in Liberty. My wife and I moved here from Dallas, Texas the beginning of July. Prior to that we lived in Colorado Springs, Colo., for 13 years. Life in Liberty is different – BIG TIME different. Today I’m going to share with you some impressions I have of this town and the people here. (You’ve probably guessed already - no Bible study today. I’ll get back to it next week.)

  • Free range kids in a mean world

    Perhaps my generation was the last to run free outside as children, walking alone blocks away to friends’ homes at age seven or eight, walking a quarter mile or more to school with siblings unattended, and being released from school to just walk out and home again.

    We rode our bikes miles away. We played outside unsupervised until the streetlights came on, or until our parents would shout on the doorstep that dinner was ready. If there was trouble or someone got hurt, a crying child would run home, go inside, and tell a parent.

  • Fight against utility hikes saves $1.2 billion

    By Andy Beshear

    Over the last three years, my office has protected Kentucky families by opposing dozens of utility bill hikes, and we have helped save Kentucky businesses and families nearly $1.2 billion.

    Whether it is fighting against unreasonable profits or opposing unnecessary projects, I know your bills seem to grow every month. I have made it my mission to reduce the growing monthly burden on Kentuckians.

  • The Amish Cook Oct. 24

    By Dorcas Raber

    It is bright and early, and I feel cozy and blessed in a warm house, with a cup of coffee. There’s a nip in the air outside, autumn has finally arrived in southern Illinois. This is Gloria’s mom, by the way. I am filling in for her this week, but she will return next week.

  • The journey to Casey County

    Next week, Oct. 28, will mark one year since I arrived in Casey County from across the country.

    Like so many things in my life, it began rough but ended up going surprisingly well.

    We reserved a truck and trailer. I picked up the truck first, and we packed everything over three days. When people saw the truck and asked where I was moving, I told them Kentucky. They had quizzical looks on their faces. “Kentucky? Why?” they’d ask.

  • Rollin’, rollin’, rollin’ on the river

    By Joberta Wells

    Do I look stupid to you? Wait, before you answer that, let me warn you that I’m about to get up on my soapbox and preach. I’ve been writing this column since August 1998 and I’ve gotten up on my soapbox only about six times. Indeed, I did ruffle some feathers when I did but I stand behind all my soapbox utterings. I will do so again.

  • ‘Forgive me’

    By Pastor Jon Edgell

  • The Amish Cook

    By Gloria Yoder

    We were on our knees, having our morning prayer together when I heard the “Tingle, tingle” of a bell. “What could it be?” I wondered. As we rose from our knees, Daniel stepped outside with Jesse to investigate. “There’s a cow in the garden!” he reported. Jesse loves mooing like a cow, but as they stood right next to the cow and it opened its huge mouth and let out a giant “Moo!”

  • Trying to find our place in this world

    By William Holland 

  • Kentucky Wired’s sunk-cost fallacy

    By Jim Waters

    Lifehack writer Michael Davidson could have been describing the failed Kentucky Wired project when he told how he “once made the mistake of staying in the theater during Diner For Schmucks despite quickly realizing how terrible it was. It never got better, and I wasted even more of my time by staying.”

    Davidson included the scenario in an article describing how the “sunk cost fallacy” often leads to “irrational decisions.”