• Carman: New web site offers much more

    If you’ve logged onto our web site, www.caseynews.net in the last couple of days, you’ve noticed that things look a little different — well, a whole lot different, actually.
    The Casey County News launched its new site over the weekend after the staff, and the technology people at our company’s home office, spent a pretty intense week getting it populated. (OK, the IT people at our central office spent way more time than one week on it, but the rest of us got the crash course last week.)

  • Rowell: Meal time important for the family

    In an age where families are becoming more disconnected and uncommunicative due to time constraints and being inundated with trying to attend various extracurricular activities, one of the best times for families to reconnect is still around the dinner table.
    The perception — or misperception — is that with the majority of moms working, with the kids on laptops, texting on cell phones, playing video games, and, with attending after-school activities, who has time to prepare a meal so all family members can share it around the table?

  • Wells: Bedbugs, TSA add to cancellation of grand tour

    You will be sad to find out that I have had to cancel my grand tour of the country. I know you were looking forward to my travelogue in The Casey County News. Well, it couldn’t be helped, you know. There were too many things against me.
    First of all, there is the threat of bedbugs. I’d almost rather have a terrorist threat than bedbugs! It seems you can’t even go to the grandest hotels these days without worrying about bringing bedbugs home in your luggage. Yechhhh, can you imagine having those things in your house?

  • Carman: Feeling blue after loss of sole mates

    Have you ever lost something that was treasured, or very important to you, and it just left you with an empty or “blah” feeling?
    (Now, I don’t mean a person, because people are irreplaceable and I’m certainly not making light of that type of loss.)
    I’ve lost my all-time favorite navy blue clogs.
    They’re not physically lost, because they’re still right at home in my closet with about 50 other pairs of shoes (yes, I know that’s too many), but they’re “lost” nonetheless.

  • Rowell: Conservatives need to speak out

    Recently, Eastern Kentucky University President Dr. David Whitlock announced that the university will institute a domestic partner benefit in January 2011.
    Domestic partner benefits is basically a policy that endorses the practice of unmarried couples living together and confers marriage-like benefits to them.
    Todd Hartch, an Associate Professor of History at EKU, has spoken out against this policy — and been vilified for his views about traditional marriage being between one man and one woman for all of life.