• Upcoming local plays always ‘Off Broadway,’ but fun

    Part of living and working in a small community is in providing entertainment for its residents.
    While I’ve frequently heard in the more than six years I’ve worked in Casey County that “there’s nothing to do,” that’s far from the truth.
    Depending on how one defines “something to do,” I take issue with those who say they have no source of amusement in this county.
    Au contraire, my fine friends. There IS something to do and upcoming events are crowd pleasers with the first one scheduled for this weekend.

  • Glad this year’s elections are over with results in

    As of late, I haven’t run into anyone over the age of 21 who enthusiastically informed me that they were thrilled with this year’s campaign ads, which began back in January.
    “I just love these ads, believe every one of them, and I made up my mind who to vote for while watching these commercials,” said no one ever.

  • $100 reward to anyone who voted yesterday

    Sike. I lied. But I’d bet my left elbow that you would’ve been the first in line to vote if it were true.
    Let’s face it, we could all use $100 and even more, a little incentive – a reason to continue this unhealthy, perpetual relationship with the U.S. government. And I mean a real reason, not a political ad buried in empty, blame-game jargin and baby-kissing.
    Many of you did not vote yesterday. Well, you’ve all heard the saying “If you don’t vote, you can’t complain!”

  • Surprises and treasures left behind

    Did you ever think about what your relatives are going to find among your belongings when you die and they have to come and clean out your cabinets and closets and drawers?
     It makes a body want to get up and start cleaning out things and throwing them away.

  • Waitin’ for the rut

    You know you live in the country when you’re leaving for work on a dark morning and your momma yells after you, “Be careful on your way in, the deer are startin’ to rut!”
    Being an avid hunter, I know exactly what these words mean – the bucks have begun their fall mating dance and that means they are moving.
    Not only are they moving, but they are throwing caution to the wind, the same caution that tends to keep them alive all year long.

  • There are still a lot of fine young people in the county

    During the Casey County High School Homecoming football game on Oct. 17, a new Homecoming King and Queen were crowned from among seniors nominated on the court.
    Kyle Eads and Tyra Sengkhamyong ended up winning the honors and being declared Homecoming royalty.
    However, it was what Eads did next that turned out to be a very pleasant surprise. After posing for the obligatory photos with the newly crowned queen, Eads turned and presented his crown to first runner-up Clayton Carroll.

  • Misinformation– Facebook memes

    At this point, most of us are on the social media site Facebook.
    For those of you who aren’t – my guess is you sleep a little better at night, and when you’re a part of something interesting, you actually enjoy it completely instead of scrambling to post whatever it is you’re doing, ultimately missing out on the full experience.

  • Are you worried about contracting Ebola?

    Ebola fever has gripped the nation and stories about the disease have dominated headlines on TV and the Internet.
    But is it something that we should really be anxious about?
    The disease, according to the Centers for Disease Control, isn’t all that easy to catch, like a common cold or the flu.
    It’s mostly transmitted through bodily fluids, such as perspiration, and blood. And unless you’re in the health care field, it’s highly unlikely that’ll happen.

  • Woolly worms, hornets’ nests, and squirrels

    I still haven’t recovered from last winter and here we are less than three months away from the official opening day of winter (Dec. 21). There’s only one good thing about that day — it is the official beginning of the days getting longer again. Big whoop! We’ll probably be freezing our derrieres off instead of celebrating the lengthening days.

  • Microsoft boss makes a boo-boo

    What’s the worst possible thing you could say during a conference specifically celebrating women in technology? If you’re not sure, the boss man of Microsoft, Satya Nadella can help you out.
    Nadella was asked this question: “What advice would you offer women who are not comfortable asking for pay raises?”
    Now you would think a man – standing in front of a lot of women, a lot of successful women – would know that whatever his answer might be, it should NOT downplay or disregard the gender pay gap.