• Meeting Larry Rowell

    By Donna Carman

    Former Editor

    The Casey County News

    It was the spring of 2008 and time for this former editor of The Casey County News to review the applications of college students who were seeking summer positions as an editorial intern with the Kentucky Press Association. I flipped through them – dismissing the ones I thought lived too far away to want to work in Liberty, Ky.; the ones who couldn’t string two sentences together; and the ones who specified they wanted to work for the “big” papers.

  • Requiem for a friend

    By Joberta Wells

    This is not an obituary — please understand that right up front. This is a requiem, a remembrance, of somebody not born in Casey County but who came here and made himself an indelible part of the county.

    Our dear friend and former editor of The Casey County News, Larry Rowell, departed this world for whatever lies beyond a little after midnight on Friday, January 25. He succumbed to a particularly vicious form of cancer.

  • The Amish Cook Jan. 23

    By Gloria Yoder

    Since our move here to “the home place,” which is an Amish term used for the homestead where the parents used to live, we have been blessed with the opportunity to host some large church gatherings and events.

  • Higdon’s legislative survey

    Dear Friends:

    I want to express my appreciation to you for allowing me the privilege to serve as your state Senator. I will continue to work diligently to make sure your voice is heard in the Capitol.

    As always, I want your input on the 2019 session. Please take a moment to fill out my legislative survey and return it via mail or email to:

    Senator Jimmy Higdon

    Attn: Survey Responses

    702 Capitol Ave

    Annex Room 204

    Frankfort KY 40601


  • Salvation part 3: Are you ready?

    By Jon Edgell

    “It is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment” (Hebrews 9:27 KJV).

  • Education facelift incomplete

    By Jim Waters

    Photos of the state Capitol being tweeted by Gov. Matt Bevin offer an unmistakably dramatic before-and-after contrast showing impressive results of a $1.2 million scrubdown of the century-old building.

    Old timers around the Capitol claim some parts of the building have never received such attention.

  • The Amish Cook Jan. 16

    By Gloria Yoder

    As I contemplated on what areas to fill you in on this week, I thought, “Well, there’s not much I enjoy more than writing about family life.”

  • And you said what?

    By Joberta Wells

    A cousin of mine recently e-mailed me and said he had heard from some mutual friends. He said, “They are both doing well. They are suffering from various old age afflictions.” Oh, lord, is that it? Is that all we talk about? Let’s face it, we used to do better — or did we?

  • Pros and cons of term limits

    Among 170 bills waiting for the Kentucky General Assembly, is a new term-limits proposed constitutional amendment.

    Rep. Dean Schamore, D-Hardinsburg, is sponsoring a bill that would increase the terms of House representatives from two to four years, and state senators from four to six years. The caveat is that after 12 years in either case they must give up their seats.

  • Salvation: Part two

    By Jon Edgell

    As I was looking out my living room window, I noticed someone pull into my driveway (I didn’t recognize the car).-I sauntered over to my office on the other side of the house, where people usually go when they come to visit. I arrived just in time to see the car pull out and head up the road. I opened the door to wave to them and a religious tract (brochure) fell from where it had been jammed into the crack between the door and the doorframe. I picked it up and opened it. It was of a kind familiar to me (I’ll get back to it in a moment).