• Why watch someone play video games?

    In these confusing times, something that I don’t understand is the rise of e-sports as a spectacle.

    In e-sports, people are watching other people playing video games, like how a sports fan might watch a live basketball or football game. ESPN is devoting air time to it. I saw a hotel commercial talking up how it would refresh someone, with the example being a guy playing e-sports. Another commercial shows us that Mountain Dew now has a “gamer” version of caffeinated drink.

  • Puppy love at the Yoder home

    By Gloria Yoder

    It’s downright chilly these days. For a while we wondered if winter would ever come, now it’s so cold we canceled school for the day. That’s not all; hubby is home from work! That certainly produced extra smiles around here.

  • Higdon’s legislative update

    By Sen. Jimmy Higdon

    The General Assembly hit the ground running this week as it began the continuation of the 2019 Regular Session. The Senate Majority is excited to move forward with its legislative priorities and pass laws that benefit the Commonwealth.

  • House week in review

    By Rep. Daniel Elliott

    Kentucky House leaders resolved last month to bring an end to tragedies like the 2018 shooting that took two lives in Marshall County by making school safety their top priority for the 2019 Regular Session.

    That resolve grew this week as House Bill 1—bipartisan legislation bearing the chamber’s premier designation—was brought before the House Education Committee for discussion one day after lawmakers returned to Frankfort from their session break.

  • The Amish Cook Feb. 6

    By Gloria Yoder

    This year as I think of Valentine’s Day my heart fills with joy. What is more beautiful than simply love?

  • Bevin’s speech on media

    Gov. Matt Bevin attended the Kentucky Press Association’s 150th Anniversary Gala Jan. 24 in Louisville and delivered a speech on media. In it, he asked newspapers to look to inspire the best in their communities instead of looking for provocative news to divide us. He has a point. But is he being realistic?

  • Scholarships, grants and the Kentucky Lottery

    By Jimmy Higdon 

    As we look forward to the continuation of the 2019 Regular Session, I would like to take some time to address a monetary issue that is mentioned by many constituents: “What happens to the Kentucky Lottery money?” This year, the General Assembly is continuing to focus on the critical matters of Kentucky’s education systems. Nonetheless, it is important to keep students aware of their many post-graduation options.

  • Millennials want school choice, too

    By Jim Waters

    New polling indicates that not only are policies empowering parents to decide how, what and where their children learn more popular than ever, but the support school choice enjoys across political, demographic and geographical spectrums reveals that educational freedom isn’t just about helping minority students escape failing urban schools.

  • The Amish Cook Jan. 30

    By Gloria Yoder

    As I contemplated on what areas of our lives to fill you in on, I thought to myself, “There’s nothing really new going on.”

  • Intersectionality and you

    How much privilege do you have?

    My curiosity about the left’s growing interest in privilege and social justice was a passing dismissal until I watched a video by a woman explaining intersectional feminism. Though I lean decidedly right on a number of issues, I’m always willing to hear out opposing viewpoints.