• Send me a good shrink

    By Joberta Wells 

    Everybody is going a little (or a lot) crazy with all the rain we have been having. Some people are affected by seasonal affective disorder (SAD) in the winter because of the lack of daylight and suffer from depression. Then there are people like me who get cross and grumpy and become hermits rather than inflicting themselves on sane people.

  • Tearing down history

    I once took an anthropology course, which studied human societies in prehistory and looked at different cultures.

    In the first chapter of our textbook was a warning about ethnocentrism, which is when someone views and judges a different society through the lens of one’s own culture. For example, it would be like judging a culture for being nude in the rainforest, based off our cultural beliefs about nudity.

  • The Amish Cook Feb. 20

    By Gloria Yoder

  • An armed and polite society

    We got an email on Thursday from Rep. Robert Goforth about his asking Attorney General Andy Beshear for an opinion, on whether state laws prohibiting open carry of firearms on postsecondary and university grounds was against Kentucky’s Constitution.

  • Truth

    By Jon Edgell

    Have you ever argued with someone who was wrong?

    I don’t mean that they just have a different opinion than you do, but you know absolutely and without a doubt, based on reality and research, that you have full possession of the facts and they don’t. I observed this last fall in Seminary. A first-year, first-semester student actually challenged his professor on the meaning of a certain Greek New Testament word.

  • A win-win for teachers, taxpayers

    By Jim Waters

    If, as numerous rankings indicate, Kentucky is a physically unhealthy state, we may be an even-unhealthier commonwealth when it comes to our public pension systems.

    Despite dumping a greater portion of the state budget into the public retirement systems than at any point in history, those systems still languish with hazardously low funding levels.

    No plan reaches the 90 percent funding level considered healthy by experts.

  • Don’t call me sweetheart

    By Joberta Wells

    Okay, let’s get serious here. I might be older than your mother. Heck, I might even be older than your grandmother but unless you know me personally and well, don’t call me “sweetheart”!

  • Salvation part 4: Becoming Christian

    By Pastor John Edgell

    This is my fourth and last column about salvation.. We looked at what it means to be saved. We examined, although briefly, what salvation is not. Then I asked you to ask yourself the question, “Am I ready to go to heaven when I die?”

  • Why watch someone play video games?

    In these confusing times, something that I don’t understand is the rise of e-sports as a spectacle.

    In e-sports, people are watching other people playing video games, like how a sports fan might watch a live basketball or football game. ESPN is devoting air time to it. I saw a hotel commercial talking up how it would refresh someone, with the example being a guy playing e-sports. Another commercial shows us that Mountain Dew now has a “gamer” version of caffeinated drink.

  • Puppy love at the Yoder home

    By Gloria Yoder

    It’s downright chilly these days. For a while we wondered if winter would ever come, now it’s so cold we canceled school for the day. That’s not all; hubby is home from work! That certainly produced extra smiles around here.