• After the cross, what?

    By Jon Edgell

    When I watch a TV show or read an article about someone doing something really heroic, or unusual, or silly, or whatever, I always Google (research) it to see to what happened to that person after the show is over.

  • House week in review

    By Daniel Elliott

    It was a cold January morning a little more than 18 years ago when state lawmakers arrived in Frankfort to convene the first annual legislative session in the Commonwealth’s history.

    Kentucky voters had amended the state constitution to allow for annual sessions the previous fall, setting the stage for the 2001 General Assembly to assemble and take up legislation that had lost steam in the prior year’s “budget session,” plus a few new bills.

  • Higdon’s legislative update

    By Jimmy Higdon

    After 30 productive legislative days in Frankfort, the Kentucky General Assembly is bidding farewell to the 153rd Regular Session.

  • The Amish Cook April 3

    By Gloria Yoder

  • Dig deeper on Trump investigation

    Democrats in the House and Senate want to have access to the full Mueller Report. They believe that they and the American people should be able to draw their own conclusions from the report as to whether there was collusion with the Russians by the campaign to elect Pres. Donald Trump.

    Of course it’s a fishing expedition. The Democrats, now faced with a President who’s doing a victory lap with major rallies, can’t seem to let it go. There must be something there, they believe, that they can cling to as a reason to impeach.

  • The Resurrection and Faith

    By Jon Edgell

  • Forgetting about history

    By Richard G. Innes

    Several Kentucky newspapers recently carried a shocking story with banners like “Ky. Is 2nd-worst state in test of US history.”

    Only Louisiana’s citizens performed worse on a US history test similar to those prospective US citizens have to pass. Nearly three out of four Kentuckians flunked.

    That’s bad, but things could soon get worse if a pending revision to Kentucky’s public school social studies standards are approved.

  • Sen. Jimmy Higdon’s legislative update

    Frankfort resembled the bustle of March Madness and the newness of spring this week as we finalized the 2019 Regular Session.

    We have now entered into the “veto recess” in which Governor Matt Bevin will have the opportunity to sign and veto bills passed by the Kentucky General Assembly.

  • The Amish Cook

    By Gloria Yoder

  • No, no, not for raccoons!

    By Joberta Wells

    Once upon a time several years ago I was a good cook. I entertained friends and other guests at my dining table and everyone seemed to be happy with the meals I served them.

    I learned cooking at the knees of my mama and, occasionally, at my grandmother’s and the woman who lived with my grandparents and cooked for them. Those women could make you stand up and yell, “Slap yo’ mama” when it was particularly good. I had a few of those moments.