• The Amish Cook Aug. 28

    By Gloria Yoder

    My dream is coming to reality. What I used to consider a stark negative is now not only intriguing but exciting.

    When I was six years old, my parents were among those to establish our parochial school. This is where I attended from grades one through eight. I was the first student to complete all eight grades at our new school, which we named Pilgrim’s Christian School. I only had a skip and a hop across the woods to get there. I loved school, friends, my teachers, and learning.

  • I am no dummy

    By Joberta Wells

    The phone rings. I see on caller ID it is a person I know. I answer. I get a chirpy female voice saying she is Caroline and telling me I am eligible for a free cruise. No, I’m not! It’s a scam! A few days later I get another call supposedly from a different person I know. Guess who! It’s Caroline again telling me I am eligible for a free cruise. The topper was the day I got a call and the caller ID told me I was calling myself! It was Caroline again, chirping at me that I was eligible for a free cruise! I enjoyed hanging up on her.

  • Kentucky leads with industrial hemp

    By Mitch McConnell

    Kentucky’s farmers are among the best in the world. It’s no surprise agriculture leaders from around the country are looking to the Bluegrass State and our prospering hemp industry. Right now, hemp is growing in 101 of our 120 counties and $100 million worth of Kentucky grown and processed hemp products are expected to be sold this year alone.

  • USMCA is a win for America

    By James Comer

  • Living in love or fear?

    By Angelia Bryant

    Marianne Williamson is someone I admire and quote frequently. She is a spiritual activist, prolific author, lecturer and founder of The Peace Alliance (a grass roots campaign supporting legislation to establish a United States Department of Peace). Oh, and she is running for President.

  • The Amish Cook

    By Gloria Yoder

    Another busy afternoon is coming to a close. In an hour from now my family will be gathering to the dinner table expecting a hot meal.

    A big thanks goes to my cousin Owen, who stays at our house and simplified things for me tonight. He purchased a chicken for a quick meal. Owen does outstanding in blending in with our family brimming with action and happy chaos.

  • I love streams

    To those of you who might think my headline refers to waterways, like creeks and river tributaries: I love those too.

    But this column is about online streaming content: shows, sports, and movies brought to us by the internet. These streams I love dearly.

  • Simple awareness can thwart attacks

    By Jim Waters

    “Do something!” emotional protestors shouted at politicians in the wake of the recent mass shootings which killed at least 31 people and wounded dozens of others in Dayton, Ohio, and El Paso, Texas.

    What, if anything can and should be done that will actually address such violence?

  • I want a neck

    By Joberta Wells

    I just watched an old movie with Audrey Hepburn. She was beautiful, elegant, stylish, and she had a neck. That neck was long and graceful, just like a swan’s.

    Necks are an obsession with me because I don’t have one. I can’t wear “chandelier” earrings because they don’t dangle, they rest on my shoulders. I don’t know where I’d go these days that chandelier earrings would be called for but back in my youth I had places to go where I wanted to wear them.

  • The Amish Cook Aug. 14

    By Gloria Yoder

    We were all ready to go at seven o’clock, Friday morning when the taxi driver pulled in the driveway.

    At last, all the clothes were sewn and pressed, the shoes were cleaned and polished, even the diaper bag was packed, and all five car seats were outside, ready to be buckled in for the short drive to where my sister Mary Grace was planning to get married.