• When I met Jay Price

    I have a nonexistent social circle here in Liberty. That’s mostly on purpose. I’d hate to struggle with writing a news story that could be construed as “negative” about my friends. I’d also rather not compromise the truth of the news by sugarcoating it.

    My old boss said to me my first week of reporting that, “You don’t get into this business to make friends. I have no friends.” And she has a valid point.

  • I hate bathtubs

    By Joberta Wells

    I hate bathtubs! They sound so inviting when your back hurts or you have other aches and pains that you think you can soak away in hot water. Not for me!

    How many times did I bark my shins on the side of a tub as I tried to get into it? How many times did I do the same thing trying to get out? There I always was, one foot elevated to get out and the other sliding me back into the tub. Curses!

  • A good spring cleaning

    By Jon Edgell

    In Mark 11:15-18 we find that Jesus had just made his triumphant entry into Jerusalem. Then He went straight to the Temple. For most of us when we think about the Temple we think of a single building much like most of our churches here. But, the Temple mount in the time of Jesus was much more than a building.

  • The Amish Cook May 22

    By Gloria Yoder

    After an extraordinary amount of rain this Spring I just relish these sunny days. Not only do I enjoy them; the children simply thrive on being outdoors.

  • Class of 2019: Possibilities abound here in KY

    By Jimmy Higdon

    We are in the heart of high school graduation season so I wanted to congratulate the graduates from my district – and the whole of Kentucky.

    The graduates will undoubtedly be bombarded with advice. I’m not going to presume to know what’s best for individual graduates, but I will direct them to some data-driven analysis. That’s needed so they can make some fact-based choices as they move toward a future that looks bright, particularly in this region. The facts speak for themselves.

  • The meth plague

    Can’t we figure out what is drawing all these people to methamphetamine, and work to address it? This drug is obviously in very high demand in Casey County.

    Here at the news office we cover public records, especially crimes, really extensively. Methamphetamines are involved in about 90 percent to 95 percent of the felony cases we print. It’s like clockwork to see a meth charge on a police citation, and it’s so tragic for area families that the drug is so prevalent here.

  • Agriculture highlighted in 2019

    By Daniel Elliott

  • Happy belated Mom’s Day

    By Jon Edgell

    Last Sunday was Mother’s Day. It’s been a bittersweet holiday for me since my Mom died at age 57 on May 2nd, 1980, just one week before Mother’s Day. We called her Mom, Mother just didn’t fit right, you now? I loved her very much and I appreciated all she did for me growing up. As the years go by the sadness is buffered more and more by positive memories.

  • Spring is the season for hope

    She turned to the sunlight, shook her yellow head, And whispered to her neighbor: “Winter is dead.” ― A.A. Milne, When We Were Very Young, 1924

    Wake-up! It’s time to wake up. Finally, the calendar has progressed into spring and winter is behind us. The Bradford pears and redbuds have bloomed, along with the most beautiful spring flowers and the grass is that only in spring green. While there will be several cold and rainy days to come, the inevitable has already occurred and we say goodbye to winter.

  • The Amish Cook May 15

    By Gloria Yoder

    As a very young girl, I recall my dad taking us children mushroom hunting. It was a highlight for all of us. I remember once when we as a family all went on a trek in the woods, one-year-old Jeriah stood pointing at a mushroom, which the adults and other children had missed. He just stood there making his grunting baby sounds at it as we all stumbled right past it in our excitement.