Today's News

  • Reduce risk of food-borne illness

    By Debbie Shepherd

    CEA Family & Consumer Sciences

    Food-borne illnesses and recalls are constantly in the news. Each year, 48 million Americans get sick from eating contaminated food. While you cannot completely prevent food-borne illnesses from happening, you can reduce your risks by practicing good food safety at home.

  • A special love for grandchildren

    By William Holland 

    It seems like yesterday that my Son and Daughter-in-law announced they were going to have a baby and today I am declaring to the world what a wonderful miracle has happened.

  • That’s Liberty for ya’!

    By Jon Edgell 

    I pastor three United Methodist Churches in Liberty. My wife and I moved here from Dallas, Texas the beginning of July. Prior to that we lived in Colorado Springs, Colo., for 13 years. Life in Liberty is different – BIG TIME different. Today I’m going to share with you some impressions I have of this town and the people here. (You’ve probably guessed already - no Bible study today. I’ll get back to it next week.)

  • Free range kids in a mean world

    Perhaps my generation was the last to run free outside as children, walking alone blocks away to friends’ homes at age seven or eight, walking a quarter mile or more to school with siblings unattended, and being released from school to just walk out and home again.

    We rode our bikes miles away. We played outside unsupervised until the streetlights came on, or until our parents would shout on the doorstep that dinner was ready. If there was trouble or someone got hurt, a crying child would run home, go inside, and tell a parent.

  • Fight against utility hikes saves $1.2 billion

    By Andy Beshear

    Over the last three years, my office has protected Kentucky families by opposing dozens of utility bill hikes, and we have helped save Kentucky businesses and families nearly $1.2 billion.

    Whether it is fighting against unreasonable profits or opposing unnecessary projects, I know your bills seem to grow every month. I have made it my mission to reduce the growing monthly burden on Kentuckians.

  • Community Calendar Oct. 31

    The deadline for the Community Calendar is at 4:30 Friday. To submit items, email to news@caseynews.net.


    The next Commodity Day will be Nov. 14 at the Casey County Recycling Center.

    The Chapter 41 Disabled American Veterans Auxiliary meets at the D.A.V building located at 1296 Hwy 70 West, Liberty, on the first Tuesday of each month at 5 p.m.

    The Annual Fall Chili Supper will be held at 5:30 p.m. Nov. 3 at the Butchertown Community Center.

  • Church News Oct. 31

    Brush Creek

    Sunday morning attendance was 72 with Bro Scott Cochran bringing forth the message from II Kings 20:1-6. Pledges were recited by everyone. Birthday this week was Caleb Cochran. Children’s church had 12 present. Caleb sang “Jesus Loves Me”. Southern Gospel Music Artist will be at Brush Creek Church, Saturday, November 10, at 7 p.m. Everyone is welcome.

  • Police News

    Oct. 18

  • District Court News Oct. 31

    Oct. 16

    Asia L. Tucker pleaded guilty to criminal trespassing third degree and public intoxication of a controlled substance. She was sentenced to a fine of $265.50 due in six months.

    Shannon Snow pleaded guilty to assault fourth degree minor injury. She was sentenced to 28 days in jail conditionally discharged if one year no new further violations of law. She will serve on weekend in jail and will reported for it on Oct. 26.

  • Property Transfers Oct. 31

    June 11

    Timothy H. Gillock and Terri Ellen Gillock of Liberty to Terry Lynn Unruh and Raquel Dawn Unruh of Liberty, a certain tract or parcel of land lying on the waters of Mason Creek on the east side of the mason creek county road approximately one fourth mile north of the junction with Henson Ridge Road in the Cantown area of Casey County for $38,500.

    Misty Dawn Bastin and Jason Bastin of Dunnville to Ryan Casey Durham of Liberty and Charles M. Brown and Marsha Brown of Hustonville, a certain tract or parcel of land lying in Casey County for $38,880.