• Liberty Elementary school lists sixth six weeks perfect attendance and honor rolls

    Perfect Attendance

    Sixth Six Weeks

    Ms. Goode’s kindergarten — Josh Allen, Sam Bryant, Mary Couch, Jake Looney, Matt Matherly, Blake Moore, Cleyber Ramirez, Hannah Thompson and Alexis Torres.

    Mrs. Murphy’s kindergarten — Ann Allen, Rebecca Couch, Marley Harris, Ashley Hatter, Emily Hatter, Cara Rodgers, Austin Snider, Noah Snider, Holly Spears and Lane Tapscott.

    Mrs. Cochran’s kindergarten — Courtney Allen, Dylan Cooper, Rachael Grimsley, Ean Parton, Justin Price, Savannah Sallee and Alex Wilham.

  • Friends of Education rewards 133 CCHS students

    Casey County Friends of Education honored 133 Casey County High School students on May 12 who had achieved a cumulative grade point average of 3.5 or higher.

    The program was held in the CCHS cafeteria and featured senior Ali Bocook as master of ceremonies. Brian Stucker, a recent University of Kentucky graduate, was the guest speaker.

    Senior Kelly Patterson made the introductions, while fellow seniors Natalie Wesley and Marie Reed offered closing remarks and prayer, respectively.

  • Youth entrepreneurs selected

    Six Casey County High School students recently participated in the “Growing Youth Entrepreneurs” competition, sponsored by the Kentucky Entrepreneurial Coaches Institute and the Liberty-Casey County Economic Development Authority.

    The students were required to write a business plan for a start-up business and then make a Power Point presentation, pitching their idea to a board of judges on May 18 at the Casey County Area Technology Center.

  • Former presidential aide encourages Y Club students

    The Casey County Student YMCA held its year-end awards banquet on Thursday in the high school cafeteria. Knifley native Hilda Legg, who worked for Presidents Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, and George W. Bush, was the keynote speaker. Legg currently serves on the board of directors of the Kentucky YMCA.

    Legg said she was pleased to be a part of Casey’s celebration of awards and installation of new leadership. Legg stressed the importance of Y Club members writing and presenting legislation because they are the leaders of tomorrow.

  • LES student wins 'Grandparent Essay'

    Lois Blankenship, a fifth-grader at Liberty Elementary, has won the “Grandparent of the Year” essay contest, sponsored by AARP and the Kentucky Retired Teachers Association.

    Lois received a $25 check, a gift certificate to take her grandmother, Carol Roy, out to eat, and a framed certificate from the Casey County Retired Teachers organization for her county-winning essay “Why my grandparent should be the AARP Kentucky Grandparent of the Year.”

    The contest is open to any fifth-grader in Kentucky public schools.

  • Fourth-graders go to one-room school

    The Casey County Friends of Education sponsored a field trip for the county’s fourth-graders, where they attended a day of classes at the Beech Bottom one-room school.

    During the time frame of May 15-28, eight fourth-grade classes from Liberty, Jones Park and Walnut Hill each took a turn experiencing life in a one-room school, involving 191 students and 13 teachers and/or aides.

  • Students collect 620,000 pop tabs

    Casey County students recently turned in 620 pounds (or 620,000) pop tabs that will be turned in to the Ronald McDonald House in Lexington.

    Megan Long, case specialist for the Casey/Adair Drug Court who sponsors the collection of the tabs, said officials at Ronald McDonald House will sell them to a recycler.

  • Jones Park lists perfect attendance

    Fifth Six Weeks

    Perfect Attendance

    Mrs. Bennett’s kindergarten — Luis Castillo, Hymylee Hines, Kylie Long, Cody Luttrell and Madison Thomas.

    Mrs. Wesley’s kindergarten — James Goodman, Justin Phelps, Haven Rodgers and Saul Tolentino.

    Mrs. M. Durham’s kindergarten — Elijah Floyd, Gracie Harness, Austin Lee, Chasity Lyons, Hunter Richards and Caleb Tarter.

    Mrs. Hayes’ first grade — Alexandria Campbell, James Murphy, Bradley Cox and Matthew Benton.

  • Class of 2009 earns nearly $1M in scholarships, awards

    Nearly $1 million in scholarships and awards were presented to 42 members of the Casey County High School Class of 2009 at the annual Seniors Awards and Scholarship Program, held Thursday night in the CCHS cafeteria.

    While the unofficial total was $969,076, it will easily top the $1 million mark as some amounts were not available for some of the scholarships and awards that were presented.

    Principal Barry Lee, who emceed the event, said other than graduation, this was the best night of the year for seniors, and one of his favorites.

  • An exciting year for FFA Horticulture

    FFA is an organization that brings students closer together. Students are given the opportunity to grow and become leaders for tomorrow. The FFA Horticulture students are very close. There are many fun activities that FFA offers.

    The FFA Horticulture chapter at the vocational school began taking new steps when Beth Wethington, our advisor, began teaching a few years ago. At the beginning of each school year, FFA members elect their fellow students for offices.