Public Records

  • District Court News Feb. 21

    Feb. 13

    Cassandra Lou Ann Wheeler pleaded not guilty to trafficking in marijuana less than 8 ounces and permitting an unlicensed driver to operate a vehicle. She has court March 1.

    Jacob Bernard pleaded not guilty to speeding 9 mph over the limit, operating on a suspended/revoked license, rear license plate not illuminated, drug paraphernalia, and trafficking in marijuana less than less than 8 ounces. He has court March 1.

    Roy Hinsch pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct second degree. He was sentenced to pay $240.50 within six months.

  • Police News Feb. 21

    Feb. 15

    Michael Jay Wethington, 25, of Liberty, was charged with menacing. According to his citation, he put a victim in a reasonable apprehension of imminent physical injury on Feb. 10 by threatening to “whip” him and engaging in a fight with the victim. This was the second time in three months. He pleaded not guilty and has a court date March 3.

    Feb. 16

  • Property Transfers Feb. 21

    Dec. 15

    Larry Paul Baldock and Tracy Katheryn Baldock of Liberty to G.B. & D. Neat Properties of Dunnville. A parcel of land lying on the headwaters of Woods Creek on the north side of Kentucky route number 70 at the junction of Kentucky route number 206 in the area of Casey County Kentucky commonly referred to as the Y for $180,000.

    Dec. 16

  • Out of the past Feb. 21

    10 Years Ago

    Week of Feb. 20, 2008

    After 13 days of taking special precautions to ensure safe drinking water in the city and much of the county, the city’s boil water advisory had been lifted.

    Paychecks were getting bigger for the county’s employees. The action came about Feb. 18 following an hour-and-a-half executive session in which the Casey County Fiscal Court met behind closed doors to discuss personnel.

  • Police News Feb. 14

    Feb. 5

  • District Court News Feb. 14

    Feb. 6

    Jerry Cochran was charged with alcohol intoxication in a public place, which was amended from first or second offense, to third or greater. He pleaded not guilty and has a Feb. 20 court date.

    Pamela Michele Luttrell pleaded guilty to two DUI charges. Her first offense was from Oct. 18. She received 90 days suspended sentence and $790.50 in fines. Her second offense was from Jan. 15. She received a suspended sentence of one year, to serve 14 days, $915 in fines, and she must attend ADE classes.

    Feb. 8

  • Casey Grand Jury indicts 13 in February

    The Casey County Grand Jury convened Feb. 2 and indicted 13 individuals for felony charges, with seven being charged with methamphetamine crimes.

  • Out of the Past Feb. 14

    10 Years Ago

    Week of Feb. 13, 2008

    Like many people on the night of Feb. 5, and into the early-morning hours of Feb. Bill and Beverly Pierce were aware that severe storms were heading toward Casey County.

  • Police News Feb. 7

    Scott C Mcgee, 47, of Liberty, was charged with alcohol intoxication in a public place and disorderly conduct in the 2nd degree. According to the police citation, officers received a complaint from Montgomery St. and upon arrival found McGee “fussing and cussing and outraged and smelled of alcohol.” Officers noted this was the second time they were at the address on a complaint. He has a court date at 9 a.m. Feb. 8.

  • Property Transfers Feb. 7


    Dec. 13

    Dottie Maxwell, of Middlesboro, Kelly Teresa Lynn Maxwell, of Liberty and James Maxwell and Melinda Maxwell, of Liberty to Crystal Brown and Brandon Brown of Liberty. A parcel of land boarding on the west side of Jackie Hollow Road and lying on the headwaters of Woods Creek of Casey County for $17,000.

    Dec. 14