• Church News 2-19-2014

    Apostolic Lighthouse

    Bro. Danny Warren’s Thursday night message, “Being Humble in the Sight of the Lord,” was from II Chronicles 7:14-15. Attendance was 11.

    Bro. Eric Miller opened Sunday service with “Waiting on the Lord,” from Lamentations 3:22-25. Bro. Danny taught on “Looking for the Sign,” from Matthew 24:3-5. Attendance was 24.

  • Church News 2-12-2014

    Apostolic Lighthouse

    Bro. Danny Warren’s Thursday night message was “God Prefers to Walk,” from I Samuel 4:11. Attendance was 11. 

    Bro. Eric Miller started Sunday’s service with “Look Unto Me,” from Isaiah 45:21-22. Bro. Danny’s message was “The Kindness of God’s Grace,” from II Samuel 9:1. Attendance was 22.

  • Church News 2-5-2014

    Apostolic Lighthouse

    Bro. Eric Miller started Thursday night’s service with “Standing in the Rain,” from Zechariah 10:1. Bro. Danny Warren taught on “The Beast and His System,” from Revelation 13:15-18. Attendance was 18. 

    Bro. Eric started Sunday school with “Standing for Jesus,” from Galatians 5:1. Bro. Danny taught on “Who Will Stand in the Gap?” from Ezekiel 22:30. Attendance was 32.

  • Church News 1-29-2014

    Apostolic Lighthouse

    Bro. Danny started the Thursday night service with “God Has No Limitations,” from Luke 12:22-34. Attendance was 18.

    Bro. Eric started the Sunday morning service with “The Precepts of God are True,” from Isaiah 29:13. Bro. Danny continued from last week, “Soul Winning,” from John 4:1-38. Attendance was 20.

  • Church News 1-22-2014

     Bruces Chapel 

    Attendance was 52. Bro. Creech Richardson’s message, “How Much Should the Preacher Be Paid?” was from Jeremiah 23.

    The children’s sermon was by Chad Davenport, “God Can Use You.” 

    The praise song was sung by Janetta and Gracie Collett. 

    Sandy Buis celebrated a birthday.

  • Church News 1-15-2014

     Apostolic Lighthouse

    Bro. Eric Miller started Sunday School with “Proclaiming Jesus to the World,” from Matthew 9:27-31. Bro. Danny Warren taught on “Ark of the Covenant,” from Hebrews 9:19-27. Attendance was 24.

    Bro. Eric opened the evening service with “Jesus is Still Filling Hearts Today,” from Zechariah 2:5. Bro. Danny’s message was “The Command Salvation,” from Jude 3. Attendance was 13.

  • Church News 1-8-2014

    Apostolic Lighthouse

    Bro. Eric Miller started the Dec. 29 service with “There is Security in Jesus,” from Psalms 91:2-3, Bro. Danny Warren’s Sunday school lesson was “Apostolic Message.” Attendance was 23.

    Bro. Eric opened the evening service with “Jesus Our Redeemer,” from Colossians 1:10-14. Bro. Danny’s message, “One More Year,” was from Luke 13:6-9. Attendance was 14.

  • Church News 1-1-2014

    Apostolic Lighthouse

    Bro. Eric Miller started the Dec. 22 service with “When Jesus Appears His Presence is Felt,” from Daniel 3:23-25. 

    Bro. Danny continued his  message, “Apostolic Message,” from Acts 1:8. Attendance was 23.

    Prayer requests: Debbie Warren’s brother, Rodney Hundley, Rob Hundley, Garry and Missy Burke, Beulah Miller and family, Cody Callinan, Samantha McQueary, Tonya Harne, Wanda Streeval and family, Tim Coffman and Paul Baldock.

  • Church News 12-18-13

     Apostolic Lighthouse

    Bro. Danny Warren taught “I’m Not In This By Myself,” from Acts 26:19-28 on Thursday night. Attendance was 16.

  • Church News 12-11-13

     Apostolic Lighthouse

    Bro. Eric Miller started Sunday school with “When the Word Speaks It’s Not Making Suggestions,” from Exodus 20:1-4.

    Bro. Danny Warren’s lesson, “Loose Him and Let Him Go,” was from John 11:1-57. Attendance was 14.

    Bro. Eric opened night service with “How Great Thou Art, O Lord,” from Psalms 145:1-21. Bro. Danny’s message, “Commitment,” was from Matthew 24:13. Attendance was 18.