• Church News: April 16

    Apostolic Lighthouse

    Bro. Eric opened Thursday night service with “Jesus In the Midst,” from Matthew 18:19-20. Bro. Danny’s message, “The Darkest Day in History,” was from Matthew 27. Attendance was 15.
    Bro. Eric started Sunday morning with “Peace on the Other Side,” from Exodus 15:1-12. Bro. Danny taught “Signed, Sealed and Safe,” from Mark 15:45-47. Attendance was 25.

  • Church News 4-2-2014

    Apostolic Lighthouse

    Bro. Eric Miller started Thursday night’s service with “God’s Grace is Sufficient” from I Corinthians 15:10. Bro. Danny Warren’s message, “Can You See Jesus from Where You Are?” was from Luke 19:1-10. Attendance was 14.

  • Church News 3-26-2014

    Apostolic Lighthouse

    Bro. Eric Miller started Thursday’s night service with “Who Shall Separate Us?” from Romans 8:35-39. Bro. Danny Warren’s message, “The Lord Will Make a Way,” was from Isaiah 43:19. Attendance was 20.

  • Church News 3-19-2014

    Apostolic Lighthouse

    Bro. Eric Miller opened Thursday night service with “Lifting Up the King of Kings,” from Isaiah 25:1-4. Bro. Danny Warren’s message, “The God of This World Fears That Name,” was from Revelation 13:7-9. Attendance was 15.

    Bro. Eric’s Sunday message was “Lord Help Me to Recognize How Blessed I Am,” from Matthew 5:1-11. Bro. Danny taught on “We’re Being Redeemed by Him,” from Colossians 1:14-21. Attendance was 28.

  • Church News 3-12-2014

    Apostolic Lighthouse

    Thursday night, Bro. Eric Miller started service with “Given a Chance By God’s Grace,” from Acts 10:9-22. Bro. Danny Warren’s message, “The Glory of the Lord Will Make Us Shine,” was from Matthew 17:1-9. Attendance was 12.

    Bro. Eric’s Sunday school lesson was “With Faith We Can Subdue All Things,” from Philippians 3:20-21. Bro. Danny taught on “God Is Faithful and Just,” from I Corinthians 1:9-10. Attendance was 26.

  • Church News 2-26-2014

    Apostolic Lighthouse

    Bro. Eric Miller started Thursday night’s service with “Come and Visit Us Lord,” from Genesis 21:1-3. Bro. Danny Warren’s message, “Why Did God Choose Tongues?” was from James 3:8. Attendance was 17.

    Bro. Eric started Sunday’s service with “Shine on Me Lord,” from Luke 11:33. Bro. Danny taught on “Are You Rapture Ready?” from I Thessalonians 4:13-18. Attendance was 21.

  • Church News 2-19-2014

    Apostolic Lighthouse

    Bro. Danny Warren’s Thursday night message, “Being Humble in the Sight of the Lord,” was from II Chronicles 7:14-15. Attendance was 11.

    Bro. Eric Miller opened Sunday service with “Waiting on the Lord,” from Lamentations 3:22-25. Bro. Danny taught on “Looking for the Sign,” from Matthew 24:3-5. Attendance was 24.

  • Church News 2-12-2014

    Apostolic Lighthouse

    Bro. Danny Warren’s Thursday night message was “God Prefers to Walk,” from I Samuel 4:11. Attendance was 11. 

    Bro. Eric Miller started Sunday’s service with “Look Unto Me,” from Isaiah 45:21-22. Bro. Danny’s message was “The Kindness of God’s Grace,” from II Samuel 9:1. Attendance was 22.

  • Church News 2-5-2014

    Apostolic Lighthouse

    Bro. Eric Miller started Thursday night’s service with “Standing in the Rain,” from Zechariah 10:1. Bro. Danny Warren taught on “The Beast and His System,” from Revelation 13:15-18. Attendance was 18. 

    Bro. Eric started Sunday school with “Standing for Jesus,” from Galatians 5:1. Bro. Danny taught on “Who Will Stand in the Gap?” from Ezekiel 22:30. Attendance was 32.

  • Church News 1-29-2014

    Apostolic Lighthouse

    Bro. Danny started the Thursday night service with “God Has No Limitations,” from Luke 12:22-34. Attendance was 18.

    Bro. Eric started the Sunday morning service with “The Precepts of God are True,” from Isaiah 29:13. Bro. Danny continued from last week, “Soul Winning,” from John 4:1-38. Attendance was 20.