Winning streak ends for Rebel soccer

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By Quincy Burt

Sports Correspondent

It is always fun when you are winning. After two years of loosing, the Rebel soccer team got a taste of the fun starting the season on a 4-0 streak. The fun ended last week with two tough losses.

“We have slipped a time or two into just survive mode,” coach Loren Pennington said. “Team work got us to 4-0 and the lack of it got us to an 0-2 week. Poor play and tired legs came into play too often.”

Monday, Aug. 27, Somerset came to town and sucked the fun (and the winning streak) right out of the Rebels. It was a 7-0 beating.

“We played an outstanding team in Somerset,” Pennington stated. “They beat us to every loose ball. They had a lot of team speed and were very disciplined on the field. We came out flat and hard as we tried, we couldn’t overcome a faster and deeper team like Somerset.”

Despite the 7-0 score, a small highlight was Austin Young again in goal. The senior had 18 saves.

The next night, Casey had to travel to Somerset to play Southwestern. The Warriors had their way with the tired Rebels.

“The Southwestern team just bullied us,” Pennington remarked. “They came out and scored in the first minute and just kept bringing it. We bought back some with Eduardo Medina scoring three goals to keep us from being shut out. Our goals did come late in the match and well-played goals. Nothing is given and Eduardo worked hard to get those. We should have played them a lot tougher. Just early defensive lapses got us too far down to come all of the way back. Our biggest problem this week was not practice, no communication and overall teamwork.”

Median’s hat trick late in the contest made the final score 10-3 and gave the Rebels a 4-2 record on the season. Juan Cuin and Federico Diaz each added an assist to their season totals. Young notched 14 more saves.

“I believe we will bounce back,” concluded Pennington. “We are a young team and while winning some has helped, I also believe you have to learn how did we win. It is hard work and perseverance - not lucky breaks. Every bit of luck helps, but if we don’t put in the work it doesn’t happen.”

The next match is at Wayne County. After that it will be a rematch from the first contest of the season as Campbellsville comes to town Thursday (Sept. 6) for a 6 p.m. start.