Where is my Oreo?

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Oh, please! Don’t you even know what an original Oreo cookie is? You must be under 25 because the original is about 100 years old. So am I! I want my Oreos!

You are probably asking why I am carrying on like this. I rarely buy sweet things like candy and cookies but I got a yen last week for some Oreos. I hadn’t had any for about five years. I marched down the aisle at the grocery store where the cookies reside. There were the Oreos but I was knocked back in my socks when I realized there were more types of them than I ever imagined. Mind you, I just wanted the good old original Oreos but I almost couldn’t find them because they were hidden amongst the newer varieties. There were those with peanut butter creme, “Double Stuf”, “Mega Stuf”, thin bites that were fudge dipped, mint creme, white fudge dipped, thins, and those “golden” Oreos that I don’t even consider to be real Oreos. I went online and found there are even more types of Oreos, including a cereal, than one could ever want.

After browsing all the types of Oreos I finally found my favorite originals. I hugged them to my chest, dreaming dreams of dipping them in coffee or milk, and popping them in my mouth before they fell apart. I hurried home with my purchase, salivating all the way.

When I got home I cut off the end of the package neatly with a pair of scissors so I could slide out the little tray of Oreos. I got my cup of coffee and carried it along with the Oreos to the living room to dip and munch to my heart’s delight while watching TV. Before I dipped one in my coffee I tried a bite of the wafer after scraping off the “stuf” with my upper teeth. What in the world was this dry, crunchy, almost flavorless wafer that found its way into my mouth?

I almost sobbed! What have they done to my Oreos? The ones I remembered and loved weren’t dry as dust and crunchy. They tasted of chocolate, too. They were wonderful even after you scraped off and ate the “stuf”. These new ones aren’t even close to wonderful. If I want dry and crunchy without flavor, I’ll buy some of those horrible rye crackers I used to eat when I was on a diet. Shudder!

No more Oreos for me! It is not a hoot that Nabisco has ruined my favorite cookie. Where can I write a letter of protest?