Violating rights are denying them

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In the Oct. 20, 2010 edition of The Casey County News, I read a letter written by Richard Treitz. In part, Mr. Treitz stated that his rights can be violated, but cannot be taken away.
I see things just a bit differently. My view is, if my rights are violated, then they have been denied me. Therefore in essence, they have been taken from me.
I strongly support our Federal Constitution and Bill of Rights. In recent years, it seems to me that our Constitution has less meaning and earns less respect, than ever before in our history. This gives me great consternation.
Our Constitution and Bill of Rights separates the United States of America from the rest of the world and makes us the greatest nation on earth. They make our nation what it is. And if we turn our back to them, we turn our back to freedom and democracy.
We need to renew our American spirit. We do so by adhering to our Constitution, by giving honor and respect to our Bill of Rights. If we do not, we become just another nation in the world.
So we must not allow the rights of any citizen to be violated, or placed in peril. We must make sure that our Constitution and Bill of Rights remain the crown jewels of this nation and our democracy. Our Constitution is the strength of our democracy and the strength of any nation, is its people.
Roger D. Bowman