Out of the Past: 051116

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Week of May 10, 2006

Gov. Ernie Fletcher signed a ceremonial copy of House Bill 151 at Casey County High School. The bill required parental permission for underage teens to use tanning beds.
Michael Loy, Raymond Overstreet, and Judy Vance were running for the office of district judge.
The primary election was near. Voters would select party nominees and office-holders from among 68 candidates.
Fifty high school students were expected to attend a weekend rodeo.
The goal for the 2006 Relay for Life was $72,000.
The City of Liberty sold property bordering the Green River on South U.S. 127.
The three girls from the movie “O Brother, Where Art Thou?” the Peasall sisters, would be performing in Casey County.
Work was scheduled to begin on Ky. 1742, Dry Creek Road, where a bridge would be replaced over Bull Run Road.
Obituaries: Alexandra G. Dickerson, infant; Minnie H. Dorn, 85; Judy C. Wheeler, 61.

Week of May 8, 1996

Dennis Sharp, 43, died at the University of Kentucky Medical Center in Lexington after multiple injuries he sustained in an April 20 storm. Heavy winds from the storm flattened a mobile home where Sharp was apparently sleeping. Debris from the trailer, and Sharp, were found in the middle of Ky. 49.
Renovations planned for the Casey County Courthouse were estimated to cost $1,000. The plans included a two-story addition to be built at the rear of the courthouse.
Casey County Fiscal Court changed its meeting time on the first and third Monday of the month from 8 a.m. to 7 a.m. The time change was an effort to allow more working people to be able to attend.
A pre-prom mock disaster class was held by several Casey County emergency response groups. The disaster portrayed a collision between two cars and a school bus that resulted in 11 fatalities.
Local business man Don Scanlon, owner of Liberty Square Shopping Center, warned Liberty City Council of potential flooding along Wallace Wilkinson Boulevard due to fill work being done to construct Allen Brothers Shell Mart and a truck repair station behind it.
Jeff Hoover of Russell Springs was hired as Liberty’s city attorney.
Rite-Way Grocery Store at the Crossroads in southeast Casey County was broken into and robbed of about $8,300 in checks, cash and stamps.
Obituaries: Floyd Odem Whitehurst, 64; Elsie Thomas, 85; Nettie Rich Zachary, 82; Ocanus “Bid” Richardson, 82; Beulah M. Todsey Turner, 66; Trusvill Clinton “T.C.” Byrd, 64.

Week of May 14, 1986

Casey County strawberry crops were suffering due to the lack of rainfall. The crop had already sustained substantial loss during a freeze the month before.
A Liberty man and a Florida man were arrested in connection with the theft of a lawn mower, which was part of numerous items reported stolen over a short period of time. Most items were recovered in Wilmore.
Two Dunnville men were arrested in Adair County on charges of producing 798 marijuana plants. The marijuana crop was found in Adair County on the Adair/Casey line.
An on-going strike by numerous Liberty OshKosh B’Gosh employees turned violent in its 12th day. Two Liberty men were arrested on charges of terroristic threatening among protesters.
Tom and Fay McAninch donated two 15-year old Blue Spruce trees to the community. One went to Gateway Park and the other was planted on the courthouse lawn.
Obituaries: Ray Davis, 59; Charles Lutes, 81; James Robert King, 68.

Week of May 13, 1976

Prominent chiropractor, artist and community-minded Liberty resident Dr. David Wesley was diagnosed with an untreatable, permanent and progressive neurological disease. The disease had progressed to the point that he was forced to close his chiropractic office.
Three people were hired as staff members of the newly-opened Casey County Public Library in Liberty. Janet Jones Banks was hired as librarian, Alma Vida Weddle as librarian substitute, and Lydia Sweeney as bookmobile driver.
The state Transportation Cabinet allocated $314,785 to maintain secondary roads in Casey County for the 1976-1977 fiscal year. The City of Liberty received $7,226  from the state for its road improvements.
Casey County Sheriff Carl Meece foiled a four-person jail break at the county jail when he arrived to find that bars to the mens’ cell had already been sawed and broken. Three of the men had been charged with loitering on the high school grounds. Charges on the fourth were not disclosed.
Three former teachers at Casey County schools who were still living and nearing their 100th birthdays were George P. Garner, John Roberts and Don Branson. Each were past the 95-year mark. Elzie Gadberry and W.M. Watkins, also former teachers, were 91, and Priscilla Tarter was about 90 years old.
A pre-season blanket sale was held at The Louisville Store that offered two blankets for $10.
Recipe of the Week was “Frozen Vegetable Casserole” that was submitted by a food specialist from the University of Kentucky in Lexington.
Butternut home style enriched bread was 28 cents a loaf at Jim Dandy Market.
A five-pound bag of White Gold granulated sugar was 84 cents at A&D Super Market.
Obituaries: Mary M. Marple, 71; Oleen Clark Wesley, 58; Edward Mitchell Atwood, 38; John Wallace Gooch, 77; Velma Hamm Atwood, 34.

Week of May 12, 1966

Thieves broke into an office at the Casey County High School and cracked a safe containing $750 in cash.  Most of the money had come from lunch ticket sales.
Blackberry winter dropped temperatures in Casey County to 30 degrees, the coldest for this time of year since 1946.
The Triangle Service Station owned by Elmer Wilson was sold to Corbett Fletcher and his two sons.
Liberty Independent School graduated 42 eighth-grade students into high school.
Barbara Rousey was named valedictorian of the 1965-1966 Liberty High School graduating class. Judy Witt was salutatorian.
Mr. and Mrs. Jake Norris celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.
A largemouth bass known as “Old Smoky” was snared while sheltering a bed of eggs in a pond belonging to Fred Overstreet. Overstreet’s son, Lester, succeeded in landing the five-pound fish where numerous other men had failed. Old Smoky had about $10 worth of fishing plugs in his mouth when taken from the water.
A 20-ounce box of Fab laundry detergent was 22 cents at A&D Super Market.
“Fate is the Hunter” was showing at the Green River Drive-In Theater with Glen Ford, Nancy Kwan, Rod Taylor and Suzanne Pleshette.
“The Slender Thread” was playing at the Kentuckian Theater with Sidney Poitier and Ann Bancroft.
Obituaries: William M. “Bill” Brown, 79; Lena E. Taylor, 75; Mary Etta Jackson, 80; Sarah Elizabeth Johnson, 83.