Letter: Forget the beef, where’s the fat?

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In answer to Larry Rowell’s “Fat’s where it’s at” (Feb. 9 issue), one thing’s for sure, it’s not in the meat.
I have always liked pork chops, sausage and steak, as I think most do. There used to be a saying, “Where’s the beef?” Now my question is “Where’s the fat?”
My taste buds tell me when you remove too much fat you remove too much taste. To me pork chops or steak without a few fat streaks running through the lean meat aren’t worth fixing.
They say the government tells sausage makers how much fat they are allowed to use when making sausage. Seems like the government has their nose in most everything now days.
I have some awful good well water, I hope and pray they don’t try and change that.
Bob Ellis