Letter: Beware of 'free' or 'cheap' software

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I want to share a small problem that seems to be occurring here in Kentucky as well as in our country. I am shocked at the amount of computer fraud and piracy which is taking place.
Sure, that computer deal may seem great, but the real question is, “Are you getting a pirated copy?”
Many local computer shops are offering some fantastic prices but it comes at a cost. If you or your friends get an illegal copy of an operating system or piece of software, game, or application, is it really worth the purchase? It is almost blatantly stolen!
My advice to all residents is to always ask for proof of legitimacy when purchasing a new or used computer. Beware of “free” or “cheap” software that comes on unofficial media or “blank discs.”
I hate when someone is taken advantage of, and I hope that someone can use this info. If you are unsure of your purchase, never take the owner’s word — always bring a friend who you can trust and ask them to make sure it is legitimate. Let’s all do our part to end internet piracy!
Zach Schofield
Kings Mt.