Editorial: Thumbs up to floats, down to fire depts.

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While the parade at Liberty’s Downtown Christmas Celebration can’t rival that of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, or even some Christmas parades from nearby cities, it does alright for a small town. And this year’s version was pretty nice.
We were impressed with the number of floats and other units participating, and only wish that some of these creative people would enter a float in the Apple Festival Parade. While the Apple Festival Parade is much bigger and longer than the Christmas Parade, it usually features only a small number of floats.
The float-makers on Friday night did a very nice job lighting up their creations for the enjoyment of the crowd. Please, let’s see that same enthusiasm for Apple Festival.
However, there was one disappointment in the parade, and it came in the lack of participation among the county’s fire departments.
In years past, most — if not all — of the local fire departments decorated their trucks for the parade, and some have even been known to add extra features, such as a decorated wagon following their truck.
Not so this year as only two of the county’s eight fire departments — Liberty and Poplar Springs — participated.
We don’t know why the firemen didn’t show up this year, but we want you to know that we missed you guys.
It takes everyone to make a community event successful, so we hope to see even more floats next year in the Christmas parade, and we hope ALL our fire departments will be back.