Editorial: Enclosed arena paying off

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Kudos to the Central Kentucky AG/EXPO Center Advisory Board for coming up with the idea to enclose the large arena at the center, and the Casey County Fiscal Court for following through.
Board vice-chairman Don Sweeney is to be commended for keeping the board focused for more than 18 months on this important project.
Once the project was completed, the board could only speculate as to how many groups would want to rent the enclosed arena during the winter.
Many groups need at least a year to book the arena and advertise an event. However, the interest in booking the arena this winter has surpassed expectations that it would be the winter of 2012 before any groups would rent it.
More rentals mean more income, moving the center’s operating budget from the red into the black.
We think that as more outside groups experience the wonders of the center and the county, maybe, just maybe, more traffic will attract investors for a second motel and more restaurants.