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By Wade Daffron

 No, I do, really. I'm not just saying that. 

Let me explain why.

I am all too aware when you live somewhere, it's kind of like, what's that old saying, “You can't see the forest for the trees?” Or something like that.

What I am trying to say is if you have worked and/or lived here for a while, you may not be aware of – or may have forgotten – some of the true gems around here.

I rarely take a lunch break – like it would hurt me to miss a lunch or seven – but the other day I decided to stop by the Liberty Trading Post, and boy, was I glad I did!

SPOILER ALERT – The following information may only be meaningful to approximately 1.5 people, if that many, and that's including myself.

I walked around, purusing the shelves of curious items and racks of clothing all too small for me, when I spotted the books.


Then I saw some laundry baskets full of magazines.


What caught my eye – and I find this hard to believe myself – was a small, colorful spaceship-like image printed on the edge of a magazine cover. 

And that's really all I could see of the cover was just this little spaceship image because it was obstructed by a bunch of old Time and Sports Illustrated magazines.


My synapses started firing and I realized I was looking at a tiny, ELO emblem. 

For the uneducated, ELO – Electric Light Orchestra – was a popular Beatle-esque/orchestra-esque band from back in the day. “Telephone Line?” “Mr. Blue Sky?” “Evil Woman?” Am I the only person who listened to the radio in the 70s and 80s?

Anywho, I was struck by the familiarity of the somewhat-hidden magazine cover. The thought that crossed my mind was, “That looks like it could be the cover of a MOJO magazine.”

I literally started trembling.

There are few things in life I enjoy more than a copy of MOJO magazine.

For a music fanatic like myself, who was raised on Rolling Stone, Creem, and Hit Parader, MOJO is the pinnacle of music magazines.

It's published in England, so it's not very easy to get here in the states. It is superbly written, has excellent content, and usually comes with a bonus CD of cool music. Whatever is considered “new” or “hot” in America has already been mentioned in MOJO months earlier.

So, I started digging through the laundry basket, trying to not get my hopes up, until I arrived at point were only a faded, crumpled image of Richard Nixon on Time was between and the spaceship.

I went for it.

The elderly lady standing near me probably didn't appreciate the yelp I let out when I saw the MOJO masthead staring up at me.

Then I'm sure she really didn't appreciate when I began flinging magazines through the air as I dug for more gold.

I did, however, clean up my mess.

I walked, no, I danced – badly – to the counter with not one, but three crisp, copies of MOJO magazine!

Who would have thought I would find them right here, in Liberty, in Casey County, by-gosh Kentucky?!

I hadn't been that excited since I met my wife. 

(Hold hand across chest and insert “Aaaaaah... here.)

OK, fourth wife, for those keeping track.

I'd love to know where those magazines came from. I can only assume it was someone local who donated them to the store – which makes me venture to guess there is one righteously cool dude/dudette walking around here somewhere.

But that's not all there is to like about Liberty.

I had a computer which was not healthy at all, and I hadn't had any luck getting anyone to even look at it.

Since I work here in town, I thought, well, why not spend some money locally and see if I can get it fixed.

The fine folks at Liberty Electronics not only fixed it fast, but I had to ask twice when they told me the amount because it was way cheaper than I expected. Good people, good service. Good deal.

And oh, how I love the Casey County Library!

I used to work at a nearby library, and your library was always highly-regarded throughout the region.

I do make it a point to attend the Friends of the Library Book Sale every week and have already amassed a healthy collection of obscure biographies about obscure people to satisfy my obscure tastes.

Above all of those things, people in Casey County are just really nice, decent people.

You may not think that way about yourselves, but you have made this ol' boy feel welcome, and that seems to be the way you treat everybody.

To borrow from Austin Powers – which I do way too much – you helped me get my MOJO. 

Three of them, actually.