Church News: July 13, 2016

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Apostolic Lighthouse

Wednesday night, Bro. Eric Miller started with “What are We Without the Lord” from Psalms 39:4-7. Bro Danny Warren’s message was “God Has Got A Plan” from Genesis 3:24. Attendance was 19.
Bro. Eric started Sunday morning with “Godly Life” from Hebrews 12:5-17. Bro. Danny’s message was “End Times” from Matthew 24:14. Attendance was 30.
Sunday night, Bro. Eric started with “It’s Better than Advertised” from John 21:24-25. Bro. Danny’s message was “Almost Persuaded” from Amos 8-11. Attendance was 26.
Prayer requests:  Amy Irvine, Eric Pendleton, Zoie Pendleton, Terri McQueary, Samatha McQueary, Sarah Lynn, Laura Warren, Tim, Linda and Marshall Miller, Shawn and Stephanie Scott and family, Norlene Scott, David and Janett Meeks, Ernie Hack, Angel Lester, Jackie Miller, Garry and Missy Burke, Shelby McQueary, Barbara Hale, Faye Crew, Brandon and Kimberly Poff, Rodney Hundley, and Shirley Hundley.

Bruce’s Chapel

Sunday morning attendance was 41. Bro. Gary Vest led a devotional with “The Lord is with Us” from Psalms 46. Norma celebrated a birthday. JJ had the children’s sermon, “Truth from the Heart,” from Numbers 32:23. Bro. Creech Richardson’s message, “Jesus Rescues and Jesus Saves,” was from Matthew 14. Sunday evening attendance was 17. Bro. Richardson’s message, “The Last Seven Sentences Jesus Spoke,” was from Matthew 27, Luke 23 and John 19.

Brush Creek

Attenance was 81 at Brush Creek Pentecostal Church with eight in children’s church. Prayer requests: Katherine Smith, Bridgett Lynn, Gary and Ricki Whitis, Logan, Kelli and Trell Whitis, Lindsey Cochran, Cecil Wethington’s dad, Ricky Smith, Emma Vorbroker, Garland Denson, Freddie and Ada Luttrell, Angie Cochran, Janice Atwood’s family, Kathryn Scott’s niece, Greg and Jodi Atwood, and Joyce Cochran.
Birthdays include Terry Smith, Benny Scott and Bearl King.
Vacation Bible School will be 7-8:30 p.m. July 18-22. Friday, July 22, will be Family Night with a cookout and waterslide if weather permits.


Attendance at Ellisburg Baptist Church was 45 for Sunday school and 69 for worship. Special music was by Cathy Adams, Maxine Lane and Kevin Pittman. Bro. Kevin Pittman’s message, “Always Trust God and Remember His Protection,” was from Psalms 31:1-3.
Birthdays include David, Derek and Tiffany Braymer and Mark Sharp. Anniversaries include Ervin and Minnie Brown.
Attendance for Wednesday Bible study was 22. Sunday evening attendance was 36 with 16 in the prayer circle. Special music was by Maxine Lane, Cathy Adams, Doris Richards and Kevin Pittman. Bro. Pittman’s message, “Labor for the Right Thing,” was from John 6:27.
Prayer requests: Juan Cameron, Jennifer Richards, Debbie Harmon, Bill Carr, Gladis Derringer, Roger Milburn, Johnny Crowe, Carol Cole and Danny Clarkston.
Special singing by the Happy Travelers will be 6 p.m. July 31.

First Baptist

Attendance Sunday for Sunday school was 75 with 100 for worship. Ashley Burchett had the children’s message, passing a beach ball to the children and having them answer each Bible question printed on it. Andrew Walters had the special music, singing “He Hideth My Soul” and one he wrote, “Help Me to Remember Who You are.” Dale Spears had the message, “Will You Be Made Whole,” from John 5:2-9.
Youth Alive and the evening service were at 6 p.m. with Josh Switzer’s message, “The Fears of This World.” Vacation Bible School will be 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday for children from birth to sixth grade.
Prayer requests: Doug Melton, Joe Dotson, Jerel Coffey, Tina Jeff, Billy Sellers, A.J Blake, Bill Tudor, Jim Reed, Kaitlyn Hall, Jace Wethington and the families of Irvin Powell, Tonya G. Madison, Mark Ponder, Jerry “Boo” Hardwick, Roger Maxwell and Charles Lucas.

First Christian

Prayer requests: Clayton Watts, Mary Gossage, Fawn Cravens and Robert Bailey and families of Mark Steven Ponder and Jerry Dale Hardwick.
Barbara Jeffries presented the children’s sermon reminding us we need to prepare our hearts to listen. Suzanne LaFavers read Psalms 82. The Worship and Wonder story was Jesus and the 12 Disciples. Bob’s message, “Seasons of the Expected and Unexpected,” was based on Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 and I Corinthians 3:5-9.
BenJamin Cundiff and Michelle Myers invite their Liberty First Christian Church family to join them on Saturday, Oct. 8, for their wedding in Danville. Speak to Tishana if interested in receiving a formal invitation and RSVP.
Camp Wakon’Da Ho applications are available in the office. Contact Sarah for more information.
Wednesday’s meetings will resume in the fall.
Steve Sweeney continues his work on the Pictorial Church History Project. Members are encouraged to bring labeled photos to be added. All photos will be returned promptly.  

Grove Ridge

Grove Ridge Baptist Church had 29 for morning worship, and Bro. Tim Harris’ message was from Luke 21:8-19. Attendance Sunday evening was 17, and the message was from Genesis 42:1-25. Special singing was Bro. Harris.
Birthdays include Joe Hamilton.
The church will have singing by The Believers of Corbin at 6 p.m. Sunday, July 31, followed by cake and refreshments.
Homecoming will be Oct. 23 with speaker Bro. Choe Sergent and music by Voices of Praises. Dinner will follow.
Prayer requests: Brian Christian, Tim Jones, Kellie Hatter, Helen Watts, Zack Carman, Hank and Pasty Johnson, Kelley Elmore, Sandra Carman, Joe and Julie Hamilton, Betty and Gary Falconbury,  Dereck Falonbury, Irene Falsonbury, Wayne Stephens, Louise Falonbury, Kendrick family, Kirby Carman family, Grandma Hough, Thomas Campbell, Robie and Betty Prater, Mark Ponder family, June Hodge, Bill Powers family, Chelsea Williams, Josh and Amanda Bentley, Johnathan and Amber Prater, William Gastineau and Diana Gastineau.

Hwy. 49

Attendance at Hwy. 49 Holiness Church was 22 with three in the children’s penny march. Birthdays included Bro. Phillip Smallwood, Herlin Monday, Glenda Shoopman and Katelyn Roy. Bro. Smallwood’s message on bitterness was from James 3:13-16, Romans 3:10-18 and Ephesians 4:23-32. He also preached Sunday night on “You Reap What You Sow” from Galations 6:1-9 and Malachi 3:8-13.
Bro. Shirley Denson preached Wednesday night on “His Grace is Sufficient” from Titus 2:11-15 and I Thessalonians 4:14-18.
Prayer requests: James Followell, Granny Denson, Oval and Anita Wheeler, Joyce Maupin, Nancy Hayes, Taylor Smallwood, Carl Nelson, Charles and Pat Harmon, Brian Woolwine, Kyle Denson, Presley Weddle, Glen Hicks, Amy Phillips, Vicky Maupin, William and Nancy Shoopman, Phillip Woodrum, Carol King, Tyler Skaggs, Gabe Pridemore’s grandpa Tim, Greg Cross’ oldest son Austin and families of Jerry Hardwick and Mark Ponder.

Jennie’s Chapel

Sunday morning attendance at Jennie’s Chapel was 46. Interim pastor Bro. Doug Stutz delivered the message found in Luke 10:25-37. Vacation Bible School is 7 p.m. July 10-15. For van transportation, call (606) 303-1820. The youth group will have a fundraiser Monday, July 18, at Pizza Hut.

Latter-day Saints

Attendance was 50 at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Kevin Foley conducted the sacrament service. The invocation was given by Jane Ann Long. Certificates of completion for one year of daily study of the Old Testament were presented to Nathan Howard, Andrew Mercer and Morgan Mercer. The sacrament was administered by Elder Chandler and Elder Long assisted by Jeffery McFarland, Lucas Foley and Andrew Mercer.
Speakers were Fawn Pierce, “The Plan of Salvation;” Boots Foley, “Ordinances of the Temple for our Ancestors;“ and Elder Chandler, “Soldiers Who Stand by Christ.” The benediction was given by Elder Long.
The Sunday school lesson was “Finding Strength through Faith in Christ.”


On July 4, about 50 people gathered early at the Central Kentucky AG/EXPO  Center for a cookout and fellowship before the fireworks.
On Sunday morning, Brin Powell provided special music. Bro. Keith read Luke 6:12-26 for his message, “Enough is Enough.” Sunday evening was a musical service.
July birthdays include Rance Baird, Laura Buis, Kinslee Burchett, D.J. Curtis, Ginger East, Gwen Grider, Karlie Hundley, Curtis and Jordan Lucas, Adam and Haylee Luttrell, Dorothy Mounce, Barry and Gerri Faye Murphy, Kiera Palmer, Shane Peek and Cherry Richardson.
July anniversaries include Dawn and Steve Carman, Pat and Leon Coleman, Connie and Mike Delk, Iva and Jonathan Hatter, Gina and Travis Kary, Patty and Curtis Lucas, Pam and Joe Patterson, and Cherry and Roger Richardson.
The bi-weekly prayer meeting will be July 19.
Prayer requests: Dustin Bradley, Donovan Bertram, Mike Clem, Tim Coffman, Ginger East, Dustin Helton, Kathy Lucas, Traci McKinney, Barry and Flossie Murphy, Brad Pennington, Terry Stephens, Dennis Stucker, Jean Williams and the families of Jerry Hardwick and Alma Buis Meeks.

Mt. Calvary

Attendance at Mt. Calvary Baptist Church was 20 for Sunday school and 44 for worship. Bro. Ronnie’s message about the wrath of God was taken from Hebrews 10:30-31. Celebrating birthdays were Kelsey Haste, Aunda Cravens and Ronnie Salyers. Celebrating an anniversary were Jenna and Kevin Carman. The children’s service was by Linda and  Albert Thompson. Special singing was by Bro. Ronnie and Kelsey. Kelsey provided  congregational piano music.
Evening attendance was 31. Bro. Ronnie’s message was about how as a  nation we need to repent and serve God, from Isaiah 1:1-19.
Prayer requests: Sandy Elliott, Lafon Cravens, Lester Singleton, Janet Black, Doug Melson, Debbie Dunham, Harold Haste, Lisa and Jenna’s family, Alma Meeks, Lynette Black’s mom and family of Daryl Bailey.

Mt. Pleasant

Sunday attendance at Mt. Pleasant Church was 32. Bro. Howard Bell was the oldest person present and Katie Cook was the youngest. Donald and Shirley Land celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary. Special singing was performed by Isaiah and Mariana Urbina. Bro. Terry’s message was taken from  
Luke 12:15-23 and Isaiah 38:1-9. Vacation Bible School began July 12 and runs through July 14.
Prayer requests: Judy Sizemore, Aldena Norfleet, Shirley Helm, Sarah Lynn, Larry Bell, Brenda Bush, Jenna Neakok, Terra Knight, Alta Ford, Betty Popplewell, Floyd Gadberry, Donna Willis, Inez Davis, Frank Weller, Todd Lee, Audie Cherry, Terry and Kathy Goodin and families of William (Buddy) Keck and Elma Buis.

Old Time

Old Time Independent Baptist Church had 15 for Sunday school. Bro. Ricky Rodgers gave the devotion from Mark 5:30, “How is it that Jesus Knows When We Need to Touch Him?” His Lesson was from II John 1:7-13, “Partakers of Others’ Evil Deeds.” Attendance was 21 for the morning service. Bro. Rodgers preached from James 4:1-4 and 7-10, “Some Things the Enemy Will Try to Get You Not to Do.” Attendance was 19 for evening worship. Bro. Rodgers preached from Romans 5:1-11, “The Seven Results of Justification” through “From the Beginning to the End.”
Prayer requests: Cassie McAninch, Buis family, Jerry Hardwick family, Tony Rodgers, David Wilham family, P.J. and Cathy Sherrill and children, Jim and Freda Miller and family, Kenny and Amy Sims, Shane Rodgers, Jeffrey Coffman, Jeff Luttrell, Ricky, Tricia and Ben Rodgers, Shorty Gooch, Sherry Coleman and Nora Rodgers’ family.

Poplar Grove

Poplar Grove Baptist Church had 45 in attendance. Bro. Brent’s message was “Order” from I Corinthians 14:26-40. Amy Russell had the children’s message.
Birthdays include Adam Cooper, Caitlyn Barrett and Garnett Wyatt.
Prayer requests: Buck Bell, Doug Melson, Dean Rigney Sr., Kim Baldwin, Linda Cannon, Jeff Burns, Chris Roberts, Jeneane Kowalik, Nelson True, Tommy Clark, Corrine Buck, Rick Cooper, Joey Dykes, William Turner, Patricia Bell, Thad Allen, Charles Barnhill, Barry Murphy, Venita Warner, J.D. Richards, Elizabeth Emerson, Sherry Marples, Jennifer Wilson, Dennis White, David Miles, Ryan Logue, Sue Tharp, Lee Ann Bick, Matt Logsdon, Gwen Haelin, Rose Stephens, Joan Roberts and families of Mark Ponder and Daroyl Bailey.

Poplar Springs

Poplar Springs Baptist Church had 40 for Sunday school and 62 for worship. David L. Johnson’s devotional was from Matthew 11:7-10. Bro. Johnny Maupin’s children’s sermon was about Christ wanting us to tell others about Jesus. Special music was by the choir, Marvetta Russell and Blake Durham. Bro. Johnny’s sermon, “Nicodemus,” was from John 3:3-6.
A fellowship meal will be July 17 after evening service.
Prayer requests: Eula Weddle, Gladys Derringer, Tammy Poff, Rodney Hundley, Randy Horning, Rose Wilham, Hunter Gillock, Irene Gosser, Joyce Maupin, Kathy Mathews’ nephew Michael, Doug Melson, Gwen Russell’s mom, Larry, Connie and Jason Buis, Mary Napier’s grandchildren, Gwen Russell, Faith Johnson, Rhonda Russell, Thelma Buckingham, Sue Clements, Bobby and Carol Russell, Dennie Johnson, David H. Johnson, Larry Yaden, David Wilson, Jackie Roy, Louise Thomas, R.C. and Alma Vida Weddle, Rick Cooper, Helen Putteet and families of Jerry “Boo” Hardwick, Mark Ponder and Elma Buis.

Rich Hill

Bro. Lynville Hatter’s message Thursday night at Rich Hill Christian Church, “Why Did God Send Jesus into the World?,” came from Luke 5:30-32.  
The Sunday morning devotional, Psalms 113, was read by Tim Buis. The Sunday morning Bible study was Philippians 2:17-3:6.  Bro. Lynville’s Sunday night message came from Romans 6:17-23.
Prayer requests: Sue Milby, Alex and Kenzie Colvin, family of Elma Buis, Martha Spears, Wayne and Janet Wilson, family of Mark Ponder, Maxine Roy, Edith Richardson, Delmer Sims, Tim and Tara Buis, Tyler Buis, L.J. Watson, Linda Lawson, Boone McQueary, Larry and Lilly Porter, Dennis and Gay Pond, Vertrise McQueary, Sandy Elliott, Virginia Elliott and baby, Daniel Porter and children, Susan Weddle, Sue Buis, Rachel Murphy, Stephanie Buis, Patty Haste and Justin Buis.

Sacred Heart

Attendance was 42 at Sacred Heart Catholic Church. Scripture readings were Deuteronomy 30:10-14; Psalms 69:14,17,30-31,33-34,36,37; Colossians 1:15-20; and Luke 10:25-37. Homily/Reflection was: Compassion. Next Sunday, scriptures will be Genesis 18:1-10a; Psalms 15:2-3,3-4,5; Colossians 1:24-28; and Luke 10:38-42. July is the month of the Precious Blood of Jesus. Monday, July 11, was the Feast of St. Benedict, founder of Western Monasticism.
Shady Grove

Attendance Sunday at Shady Grove Separate Baptist Church was 25 for worship and 10 for Sunday school. The devotional reading was I John 1:1-20. The scripture study was Acts 8:26-40. The study/discussion was “The Holy Spirit and Phillip and the Ethiopian.” Pastor Danny Bailey’s message was “Context and Perspective: Jesus Came to Save that which was Lost.”

St. Bernard

Scripture readings at St. Bernard Catholic Church were Deuteronomy 30:10-14; Psalms 69:14,17,30-31,33-34,36,37; Colossians 1:15-20; and Luke 10:25-37. Homily/Reflection was: Compassion. Next Sunday, scriptures will be Genesis 18:1-10a; Psalms 15:2-3,3-4,5; Colossians 1:24-28; and Luke 10:38-42. July is the month of the Precious Blood of Jesus. Monday, July 11, was the Feast of St. Benedict, founder of Western Monasticism.

Thomas Ridge

Bro. Hershel Lawhorn’s Wednesday night Bible study was from Philippians 3. The Sunday morning sermon, “Who is the Devil?,” was from I Samuel 17:25-29. Children’s church continued the study on David from I Samuel. The Sunday night service continued the study of Romans 4. 
Prayer requests: Buddy Willingham, Edith Fox, Elizabeth Lewis, Cecil Roy, Bruce Luttrell, Darrell Meeks, William and Leah Gleeman, Elma Meeks family, Glenn Hicks, Jackie Roy, Todd Lee,  Dennis Baldock, Don Reed, Charles and Tim Reed, Marie Gaddis, Maureen Lindsey, Alice Wilson, Flonnie Marples, Luther Chapman family, Marshall Powell, Dylan Meeks, Amy Irvin, Jeremy Watson, Lisa Watson, Thelma Broughton, Glen Hicks, Jason Buis, Jason Godbey, Danny Wilkerson, Trisha Roy, Todd Wislon, Lester Wilson, Lacy Andrews, Rick Cooper, Ricky Hogue, Robert Branham, Pauline Frost, Elizabeth Holtzclaw, Arnold Holtzclaw, Zack Burt, Tammie Luttrell, Grace Anna, Steve Carrone, Arthur Singleton and Joshua Singleton.

Valley Oak

Attendance was 46 for Sunday school and 60 for worship service. Dylan Carman read Matthew 28:18-20 for the devotional. Special singing was by Kaylee Edwards and the church quartet.
Roger Hatter and C.T. Wesley celebrated birthdays.
Prayers requests: Cecilia Atwood, Charlotte Carman, Marilyn Wesley, Julie Holt, Garland Denson, Deva Mullins, Carlie Roy, Gay and Dennis Pond, Louise Hines and family, Charlie Ritter, Patty Haste, Bro. Bobby and Loueva Clark, family of Mark Ponder, Skyler Porter, Bennie and Vivian Thompson, Al and Rosie Pennington, Samantha Branscum, Gene and Melline Hodge and family, Marcilla Hines and family, Gary Henson, Elma Buis family, Theresa Murphy, David and Samantha Branscum and family, and the Roy family.

Walnut Hill

Attendance was 75 at Walnut Hill Separate Baptist Church with eight in the youth choir. The message, “Divine Protection,” was from II Timothy 3:1 and Psalms 91:1-16.
Prayer requests: Dennis Baldock, R.C. and Alma Vida Weddle, Rick and LaDonna Cooper, Sara and Lewis Brown, Cordell Brown, Carl Wilson, Luke Polly, Barry Murphy, Gary and Jean Smithers, Linda Richards, Loyd Posey, Ella Smith, Barb True, Don Burton, Lavon Murphy, Marlo Warner, Christine Hansford, Frank Crabtree, Andra Clements, Joe Brockman, Mattie Smith, Nellie Coleman, Bernice Allen, Rhonda Burton, Glenna Bryant, Kay Murphy, Lee Meeks, Shirley Evans, Alex Evans and Zackery Garrett.
Wednesday night service will start at 7 p.m. Youth will meet in the hall.

Watson Chapel

Attendance at Watson Chapel Church was 17 for Sunday school and 25 for worship. The devotional reading was I John 2:1-6. Bro. Sherman Floyd’s message was “Three Henchmen of Satan” from Revelation 12-19. Birthdays include Joyce Sharp and Linda Floyd.
Prayer requests: Marie Drostie, Jackie Roy, Patricia Luttrell, Pearl Short, Wilma Hatter, Bobby Murphy, Lafon Cravens, Faustine Vest and families of Claude Spaw, Mark Ponder, Charles Lucan and Rebecca Floyd.